Winter Woe to Winter Glow! Beauty Tips From PIXI by Petra Founder Petra Strand

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Petra's Winter Beauty Picks with an assortment of beauty products

The wind is howling, the air is frosty and snow is nipping at your nose. Unless you’re Frosty the Snowman, the cold weather can be hard on your body! We’re talking dry skin, brittle hair and flaking nails. What’s a girl to do?

PIXI by Petra founder and long-time makeup artist, Petra Strand knows a thing or two about keeping skin glowing, hair moisturized and nails strong, which is why we asked her for a few pointers this winter: “Apart from drinking more water and taking an Omega-3 supplement, I make sure not to use products that would strip my skin of its natural oils,” Petra advised. “I use a cleansing balm and a richer moisturizer when the climate is cold.”

Read on for more of Petra’s favorite cold weather products, easy routine swaps and insider secrets, below:

A bottle of Welda Skin Food, a bottle of Pixi Glow Mist and a bottle of NUXE Ultra Rich Cleansing Gel

“I like to use NUXE Ultra Rich Cleansing Gel both in the shower and the bath,” said Petra. “And it’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Weleda’s Skin Food. It’s ultra-rich and great for stubborn dryness on your hands, elbows and feet. There’s a myth out there that people with oily skin shouldn’t use face oils, when in fact, face oils will help balance your skin. Your skin will produce more oil when it lacks moisture.”

“For those battling with dry lips, I suggest changing from a matte lipstick to a nourishing lip balm,” said Petra. “Switch from an oil-free foundation to a moisturizing foundation and seal it with the PIXI by Petra Glow Mist, which makes any makeup feel more nourishing and hydrating.”

A tub of Camille Rose Coconut Water Penetrating Hair Treatment, a bottle of Batiste Dry Shampoo and a bottle of Umberto Roman Oil Serum

“To tame frizz and add moisture to my hair, I use Umberto Roman Oil Serum,” said Petra. “Between washes, I like Batiste Dry Shampoo to add some volume. I also like to use a deep hair treatment like Camille Rose Coconut Water Penetrating Hair Treatment. It‘s a double-duty product for me as I use it to massage onto my scalp as well as my hair to condition and tame winter frizz.”

A bottle of Embryolisse 24 Hour Miracle Cream, a box of Baby Foot Foot Peel and a bottle of PIXI by Petra Rose Oil Blend

“In the winter I add a few drops of PIXI by Petra Rose Oil Blend to my favorite hand cream, which is the Embryolisse 24 Hour Miracle Cream,” said Petra. “I also massage the Rose Oil Blend directly onto my nails and cuticles. If you have dry nails, try to go polish-free and allow your nails to breathe as much as you can. A super glossy and strengthening top coat is a great alternative if you want something low maintenance but still polished looking. For dry, neglected winter feet, I love the Baby Foot Foot Peel in lavender!”

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