How Target Delivers for All Types During the Holidays

November 21, 2016 - Article reads in
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Illustrations of three holiday scenes: a wish list, order pick up and

Are you the “Type-A To-Do Tackler” with all your holiday gifts purchased and wrapped by fall? Or the “Panicked Procrastinator” still empty-handed on Christmas Eve?

No matter your personality, Target’s got a holiday shopping and shipping option to help you check everything off your list – no matter how and when you want to shop. Take a look!


We mapped out Target’s shopping and shipping options for every personality…
The Type-A To-Do Tackler
You make your list in August, check it twice in September, have everything bought by October and wrapped in November. Then spend the rest of the season sipping hot toddies by the fire.
o   Use the Target app’s interactive store maps to plot shopping trips with surgical precision
o   Get details on about inventory levels and precise shipping dates for orders
The “I Just Want to See What’s Out There” Aisle-Wanderer 
You’ll know it when you see it – that perfect gift – but it takes some browsing. This holiday shopping stuff is about the journey, you know!
o   Meander through on mobile, tablet and browser, taking your online cart along with you thanks to our new adaptive website
o   Get inspired with products curated on’s new Wonderlist Gift Guide
o   Poke around your local store’s Wondershop for holiday décor and Bullseye’s Playground for budget-friendly stocking stuffers
The Deal-Seeking Bargain-Finder
If it wasn’t a steal, it wasn’t any fun. For you, epic savings are the whole point! You spend the holiday season honing your deal and coupon strategy.
o   Two words: Black Friday
o   Cyber deals start early (Sunday!) and offer 15% off online and in stores.
o   One number, three words: 10 Days of Deals – stretches through Cyber Monday.
o   Cartwheel app. Who doesn’t love to choose their owns savings?
The “I’m Not Leaving This Couch” Horizontal Buyer
So you binge-watch cheesy Christmas movies? We don’t judge! You can get your shopping done without ever assuming an upright position.
o   Seamlessly browse using all your devices, from laptop to tablet to phone.
o   Make online purchases using Apple Pay in the Target app. You literally just need to lift one finger.
The “Christmas is TOMORROW?!” Panicked Procrastinator
It just gets away from you. Every. Year. “Who’s on my list again? What should I get them? Is anything even open?!”
o   Order Pickup to the rescue! Place the order online – most orders are ready for pickup within an hour.
o   With 1,000 stores now shipping online orders straight from the aisles, you’ll get your order even faster.

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