The #Friendsgiving Table: How Four Different Bloggers Host the Trending Thanksgiving Party

November 11, 2016 - Article reads in
Friendsgiving spread by Jane Ko

Everyone loves the classic Thanksgiving dinner, complete with turkey, stuffing, pumpkin pie—the typical works. But when it comes to “Friendsgiving,” there are no rules. Friendsgiving is a casual take on Thanksgiving celebrated amongst friends on the big day itself (not everyone lives near family!), weeks in advance or even days later.

To show off just how versatile (and fun!) the holiday can be, Target teamed up with four lifestyle bloggers, Jane Ko of A Taste of KokoLexy Ward of ProperBeau and Matt of Probably This and Jen Pinkston of The Effortless Chic to get their creative takes on clever ways to spice up this year’s Friendsgiving feast with the help of one quick trip to Target!

Jane Ko of A Taste of Koko
Austin, Texas
Collage of images from Jane Ko's Friendsgiving brunch

The Concept: “I hosted a Friendsgiving brunch with pajama attire. Everyone loved making their own pumpkin waffles in the waffle maker and topping them with Archer Farms Cinnamon Glazed PecansArcher Farms Roasted Pepitas, and fresh strawberries. Finished off with a drizzle of Archer Farms 100% Pure Maple Syrup! My signature Thanksgiving tablescape is a relaxed white color palette with natural accent pieces.”

The Target Run: “I love Target because you can always find seasonal decorations at affordable prices. Everything from fall-inspired home décor to chic dinnerware to show off your Thanksgiving spread.”

Lexy Ward of Proper
Tucson, Ariz.
Collage of Lexy Ward's bright and festive Friendsgiving

The Concept: “I wanted this year to feel bright, colorful and a little bit whimsical. I love when things are bright and cheery, so I try to do a unique table runner each year. Last year, the table was filled to the brim with flowers. This year, I lined the table with bleached pinecones and a smorgasbord of fresh fruit to help things take on a colorful, non-traditional feel.”

The Target Run: “Target’s a one-stop shop! I can pick up table décor, dishes, all the food for prep and little goodies to give to my friends before they leave.”

Beau and Matt of Probably This
New Orleans
Matt and Beau's Friendsgiving gathering

The Concept: “For our Friendsgiving, we chose recipes that were extremely easy and quick to make so that all of our friends could participate in the whole cooking process, regardless of their skill level in the kitchen. We want the food we make to be delicious, but extremely approachable. Sticking with this theme, our entire Target Friendsgiving menu is easy enough to be made by anyone.”

The Target Run: “Target was incredibly convenient not only because of the large grocery section, but also because there are a ton of kitchen and home goods, meaning you can find your food and all of your serveware and utensil needs in one spot.”

Jen Pinkston of The Effortless Chic
Austin, Texas
Jen Pinkston's barbecue Friendsgiving gathering

The Concept: “I am all about entertaining that puts the focus more on people coming together and less on complicated recipes or DIYs. This year I’m hosting a Friendsgiving leftover party, complete with barbecue pulled turkey and cranberry sandwiches, grilled asparagus that has been tossed with goat cheese and pepitas, and a pasta salad with all of Thanksgiving Day’s best veggies. I recently moved to Austin, Texas, so instead of fresh flowers, I opted for succulents and cacti on our Friendsgiving table!”

The Target Run: “I don’t think a single week of the year goes by where I don’t shop at Target. When I was shopping for this meal they had so many options. Pretzel rolls or brioche buns? Pumpkin, apple, cherry, or pecan pies? Don’t even get me started on the selection of barbecue sauces! They also had a great selection of whole turkeys and fresh produce. It was awesome.”

Stay tuned to A Bullseye View for more handy holiday tips, tricks, recipes and more—coming soon!


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