Cute in Cat & Jack: Barbara Bermudo’s Family Holiday Portraits Are #Goals

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Barbara Bermudo and her family in their holiday card portrait

Amidst the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping, wrapping, decorating and planning, Barbara Bermudo—Target partner and host of Univision’s evening news show Primer Impacto—and her family set time aside early in the season for another important family tradition: holiday portraits! With everything from adorable kids' clothes to seasonal décor, Target was Barbara’s top choice for getting her family prepped and ready for this year’s photo session. (The new Cat & Jack assortment practically has “holiday portraits” written all over it!). Barbara’s daughters MiaCamila and Sofia were smitten with Cat & Jack’s mix-and-match options—their favorite pieces being none other than Cat & Jack’s fun, festive dresses. 

Take a look at how their adorable photos turned out, and read some of Barbara’s tips for pulling together the perfect family holiday portrait, below:

Barbara Bermudo and her family wearing Cat & Jack

Why is sending holiday cards out each year such an important tradition for your family?
The holidays are all about tradition and sending holiday cards is a special one because they are memories we can share with our family and friends forever. It’s nice to be able to see how much the girls have grown year after year. It’s our favorite time of the year to celebrate and reflect on our blessings.

What are your tips for pulling off a successful holiday portrait photo shoot?
My girls have a lot of energy so it can be hard to keep everyone still at once, especially Sofia, now that she is walking! I try to make these moments fun for the whole family. We get dressed in our holiday looks, play Christmas music and sing along so everyone already has natural smiles on their faces. I make it like a game for Mia and Camila. I tell them both to copy what their dad and I are doing and then freeze so it’s more fun than just posing. With Sofia, we give her a toy to hold so she will sit still and play. Getting a nice posed photo is challenging and we usually can only get one, but we love the candid ones we end up with too!

Barbara Bermudo's daughters wearing Cat & Jack in their holiday portrait

How did you choose what your kids would wear for the photos?
We went to Target and I had the girls select their favorite looks with only one rule: It had to include red. This is my preferred way of shopping for the girls, because it guarantees that they will get pieces they love, which means no fussing about what to wear later on. Mia and Camila immediately gravitated to the Cat & Jack dresses! Mia picked the Cat & Jack Girls' Red Sequins Scatter Dress, and Camila chose the Cat & Jack Girls' Red Plaid Dress. For Sofia, well, let’s just say she loves anything I pick out, so I had fun going through all of the different Cat & Jack options—there are so many good finds!—and choosing adorable pieces to mix and match for her!

How do you pick the setting for your holiday portraits?
To me, it’s important that our holiday photos are an accurate portrayal of us as a family. This is why I use our own home as the setting for our portraits since it’s a place where we can all feel comfortable and relaxed. It’s fun to bring out the Christmas decorations for the photos and buy some new items to complement this year’s theme. I purchased cozy blankets and some white décor with glitter that will look great in our photos.

In what ways does your family get to bond over the experience of bringing the holiday portraits to life?
The holiday season is all about family bonding! We look forward to this time as a family because we have so much fun together. Mia and Camila love to be my helpers putting together our list of family and friends who will receive our holiday cards. We’re making memories that our daughters will remember and hopefully one day, they'll do the same with their own children.

Stay tuned for more holiday tips, tricks and gift ideas coming soon to A Bullseye View!

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