A Television Evolution: Decades Later, Target’s TVs Are Hotter Than Ever

November 23, 2016 - Article reads in
Illustrations of TVs through the past decades

Whether it’s game day cheers, Netflix binges or cozy family movie nights, nine decades since their invention, TVs still mesmerize. And since we sold our very first set, Target’s been tuned in to America’s love of the tube. Over the years, we’ve stayed on top of trends to bring our guests the best technology at a great value. But this year our tech, TVs and our deals are bigger than ever. So whether you’re a tech guru, a Black Friday and Cyber Week deal hunter or just need to bring your TV out of the stone ages, we’ve got the perfect TV for you.

The latest and greatest: 4K technology
We’ve sold over a million TVs this year, but the hottest trend by far? 4K TVs. Also known as Ultra High Definition (UHD), these TVs have four times the pixels of a typical HDTV, creating an amazingly realistic viewing experience. And from May to today, sales for these TV sets have increased more than 300%. So we’re making sure we have all the latest and greatest (we’ve tripled our assortment of 4K TVs this year). And the trend’s not slowing any time soon…By 2025, over half of U.S. households are expected to have a 4K TV.

Bigger and better
The very first TV was just three inches wide. Today, the most popular sizes reach 70 inches and beyond. And when you pick out your dream 4K TV, we make getting it home and caring for it easy with a sweet $99 protection plan and delivery option.

More TV for your money
With technology and screen size continuing to get better and better, the only thing shrinking is the price tag. When LG introduced the first 4K TV in 2012, it cost $17,000. This Black Friday at Target, you can a great 4K TV for less than $250! And we have tons more doorbusters and deals planned. And don’t forget to use your REDcard to save an extra 5%! So start stretching, building that wish list and getting ready to upgrade at Target or Target.com. And for a look at just how far we’ve come since that every first TV, here’s a fun history of the ever-evolving technology:

Nine decades since their invention, TVs still mesmerize:
1927: Philo Farnsworth invents the first electronic television in America
1939: Black and White TV are invented in the 1920’s, and first sold to the American public at the World’s Fair in 1939
1953: The first color TV sets are sold at a cost of $1,000 ($8,850 today)
1970’s: Projection TVs hit the market in the 1970s
In 1972, Target features a TV on the cover of the weekly circular for the first time.
1998: The first HDTV TV sells for $7,999\2005: Plasma TV sales surpass CRT (cathode ray tube) TV
Plasma video display offers a larger screen and thinner set, as well a wall-mount option
2007: LCD out-sells both Plasma and Color TV’s for the first time
2012: Invention of the HDTV allows for innovations like a TV with integrated internet features. The first Smart TVs were available at Target in 2012.
Black Friday 2015 at Target: The 43 inch was the most popular seller, with more than 60,000 TV units sold
Black Friday Week accounts for 25% of Target’s total TV sales in 2015
What does this mean in 2016? Target has already sold 1 million TVs this year and has seen a 300% increase in sales for 4K TV sets over the last 6 months

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