Talking Turkey: A Peek At Target Guests’ Thanksgiving Plates

November 22, 2016 - Article reads in
Pizza, pie, cans, wine and a fork and spoon on a red background

Before they fill their bellies on Turkey day, Target guests are filling their carts: hefting frozen Butterballs, stacking cans of corn and green beans, squeezing lemons and tomatoes—and maybe adding a pair of stretchy pants (we won’t judge). After all that planning and plotting, here’s what they’ll pile on their plates on the big day:

Let’s talk turkey & all the fixings
Our guests will gobble up over 13 million pounds of turkey this Thanksgiving. What else is on the menu? Check out Target’s piece of the Thanksgiving grocery pie:

pumpkin pies: 65,000
Stack ‘em up and this tower of pumpkin goodness would teeter just higher than the Empire State Building.
potatoes: 4,320,000 servings
That’s one mountain-size serving of spuds.
wine: 900,000 bottles
We’ll sell enough vino to fill over 4,100 standard-size bathtubs.Cheers!

green beans: 2 million cans
Mom would be proud! Guests will eat enough of these classic veggies to stretch the full length of the Boston Marathon five times.

stuffing: 385,000 servings|
Not that you’ll want to break out the scale for Thanksgiving, but ponder this:We’ll sell enough stuffing to outweigh 56 elephants.
frozen pizza: 5.6 million slices
Craving an easy meal before the big feast? You’re not alone. We’ll sell enough frozen pizza the day before Thanksgiving to share a slice with every person in Target’s home state of Minnesota.

Still prepping for your own party? Stop by Target or to complete your feast. Want to save on the star of the show? We’re selling fresh and frozen Butterball turkeys for just .99 per pound through Nov. 23. 

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