Meet the Couple Who Celebrated Their First Wedding Anniversary at Target

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Lauren and Corey wearing bride and groom name tags at Target

In many cases, a couple’s first year wedding anniversary looks pretty standard: Pull out the frozen wedding cake, give the gift of paper and enjoy a memorable meal together. But one dynamic duo—Lauren and Corey Rexroad from West Virginia—took a break from tradition: They commemorated their milestone moment with a professional photo shoot at their local Target store—wedding dress included!

Lauren and Corey in their wedding outfits at Target

Having spent hours of quality time together at Target, perusing the aisles during their engagement for their wedding registry and selecting items to decorate their new home as a married couple, it became their “special place” to share. They gave us the scoop on their first year of marriage and how Target became their beloved one-stop wedding shop. Check it out below!

Moment of truth: How often do you find yourself at Target?
Lauren: Honestly, it depends on the week. My husband has a full-time job, and I am a full-time student with a part-time job, so our lives can be a little crazy. This past year with being newlyweds and decorating our home, I would find myself at Target multiple times in one day!  
Corey: We definitely don’t spend as much time at Target compared to when we were engaged and immediately following the wedding, but it’s our go-to place when we ever need anything for the house.

So what did your photographer say when you told them you wanted to do your shoot at Target?
Lauren: Our photographer, Callie Lindsey, took the idea and ran with it! If I know anyone who loves Target as much as I do—it is her! This photoshoot would have been nothing without her and her creativity.

What were some of the reactions from guests in the store?
Lauren: As soon as Corey and I stepped out of the car I could feel the eyes. We started the shoot in the parking lot and people would just sit in their cars and watch us. People coming out of Target walked slowly to their cars with total confusion written all over their faces. As soon as we entered the store the managers came right to our sides! Our main locations that we shot in Target were in the home section and the café. As we walked through Target posing and throwing popcorn into each other’s mouths you could hear more than just Callie's camera going off! This shoot was meant to celebrate our first year of marriage and that was what Corey and I were focused on. Target feels like home to us, so this shoot was like a walk in the park. The most difficult thing was me fitting back into my wedding gown!

What do you love most about shopping at Target as a couple?
Lauren: Target has things that both my husband and I love. If we ever get separated in the store, I know I can always find him in the electronics section or in the Star Wars toy aisle. Same for him, he can find me in the home goods section. Corey and I can never make it out empty handed! 
Corey: I love that it is organized in a way that makes sense. Most department stores aren’t that way. If I do have any trouble finding anything, I can add those items to my shopping list within the Target app and find out which aisle each item is located. 

As a couple who knows Target so well, any shopping tips for newlyweds or newly engaged couples?
Lauren: I know this may sound silly but don't go in with a plan! I go into Target finding things I didn't even know I needed. Other times I go in with a plan, and I can always find something better than I ever expected. That's one of the many things I love about Target—their merchandise always goes above and beyond any idea or pin I find on Pinterest.
Corey: Target had one of the easiest in-store wedding registry processes! I definitely recommend that every engaged couple register here. You also get a discount on those registry items after your wedding. Use the Target app to find any item aisle locations. This feature is a life-changer.

What have you learned over the past year of marriage?
Lauren: In the past year of marriage, I have learned that love is unconditional. People always told me marriage was going to be hard, but I never really took that seriously. There is nothing Corey could do to make me love him more or love him less. On Sept. 18, 2015, I made a vow to him that I would love him for the rest of my life. So this first year of marriage has shown me what loving someone full-heartedly really means! 
Corey: At the end of the day, all that matters is that you are together. It doesn’t matter what may have made your day go wrong. You now get to hold each other and talk through it as you fall asleep and wake up together to a brand new day with a fresh start to make each day better.

What was on your Target wedding registry?
Lauren: Basically our wedding registry was Corey and me becoming adults! We were fusing our styles together and really wanted to start with a new slate. No more pink everything for me, and no more bachelor pad for him. We are really trying to go with a modern style but still have a welcoming feel.
Corey: We spent a lot of time in the home goods section with the registry scanner. Target really helped us to shape our vision for our kitchen and supply other items to make our house our home!

Any other surprise, fun events you’re planning at Target?
Lauren: I don't know what we could do to top this! This entire experience has been a huge blessing. Our next exciting adventure with Target will probably be finding deals on Black Friday.
Corey: It wouldn’t be a surprise if we told you—we’ll keep you on your toes! I will tell you that we didn’t plan on this blowing up like it did, but we will be sure to not disappoint those that want to see what we end up doing next.

Ready to build your Target wedding registry? Check out Target’s wedding shop!

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