Meet Nine Team Members Who Turned Their Target Holiday Gig into a Career

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Five of our team members working in their Target departments

At Target, the holiday season is a magical time—not to mention, the busiest! In fact, you may have heard we’re in the midst of bringing more than 70,000 seasonal team members on board to help out at our stores, distribution and fulfillment facilities this year.

Maybe you’re thinking of joining the team at one of our nearly 1,800 stores across the country, but you’d like a little more info, or the chance to talk to some of our team members in person. Sound familiar? You’re in luck: Mark your calendar for Oct. 14 and Oct. 15, from Noon to 6 P.M. to take part in our nationwide hiring events happening at every Target store—including yours! Just show up at the store to discover more about our opportunities and—if you want—apply in person. You may even have the opportunity to interview on the spot. (And no need to wait—you can also apply in advance here.)

As a Target team member, there’s always fun and excitement around the corner. In fact, tens of thousands of seasonal team members decide to stay at Target after the holidays. But don’t take our word for it—hear from a few of our team members who got their start working seasonal positions:

Head-and-shoulders shot of Sondra in front of her shelf full of Target gear

Store Team Leader (STL), Nevada

“I started as a seasonal team member back in 1990 working the sales floor to keep things looking great. At the time, I was just looking to make extra Christmas money, but had so much fun that I stayed on after a few days each week, since I had small children at home. I eventually became a team leader and then an executive team leader (ETL) in various departments before becoming STL. It’s a great place to work—flexible if you’re working around other jobs or school. We do lots of fun activities during the holidays too; there’s usually an art project or game going on.”

Head-and-shoulders shot of Jana in front of the cart area

Cashier and Guest Services Team Member, Wisconsin

“I started on the backroom logistics team in a seasonal position. At first I wasn’t planning to stay on after the holidays, but I saw the opportunity to grow and loved every area I worked in! I now work as a cashier at the front lanes and I’m also a learning mentor to others on our team. I get to teach them to be great and love it when they succeed! I’m a people-person and enjoy meeting new guests every day.”

Elliott working in the distribution center with his laptop, a clipboard and stacks of boxes

Operations Manager, New York

“I started as a seasonal hire in our inbound department and saw so much opportunity for growth with Target that I decided to stay on full-time. I became an inbound trainer, then later a Human Resources specialist. The holidays were so much fun with that team especially. We’d decorate the office for the holidays, make snowflakes and decorate office doors to look like gingerbread houses, reindeer and fireplaces. I enjoy spreading holiday cheer and bringing a smile to team members’ faces. I was recently promoted to operations manager and it’s been fun onboarding new seasonal team members and sharing my story with them. I always try to put a positive spin on everyone’s day, no matter what kind of day they’re having.” 

Head-and-shoulders shot of Rosalina

Human Resources Team Member, North Carolina

“My job is to help team members with things like their schedules and training, and I assist with volunteer events, hiring and onboarding too. I’m also in charge of planning fun events at the store. I love the feeling of accomplishment I get when I help a guest. I once helped a gentleman pick out a Christmas gift for his granddaughter—he was super funny and so appreciative!”

Head-and-shoulders shot of Tim

Property Management Technician, Texas

“I came to Target as a seasonal hire in 1996, and since then I’ve worn many hats—including logistics team member, landscaper and store building specialist. The people I’ve worked with at Target are the greatest and most genuine I’ve ever met. I’ve made so many great lifelong friends here, and even met my wife! I’ve worked in many stores along the way, including helping out in Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005. I spent the entire week at a store in Baton Rouge and also helped train their new store building specialist.”

Head-and-shoulders shot of Octavian in front of shelves filled with pet food bags

Executive Team Leader, Logistics, Montana

“I moved to the U.S. from Moldova and joined Target in 2010 as a part-time seasonal hire. At the time, I spoke three languages fluently, but English wasn’t one of them, so I was learning a new language and adapting to a new culture on the job. I was excited when I was offered a permanent position, and over the years, I was promoted to other roles including backroom team leader, sales floor team leader, and now, my current role. Target gave me so many opportunities to develop myself, and I love working for a company that trusts me to lead.”    

Head-and-shoulders shot of Luis

Presentation Team Member, Illinois

“I started as a seasonal hire last year, and recently got promoted to a presentation team member. I also cross-trained for the checkout, Electronics and Grocery areas. I know a lot about technology and new merchandise, so I enjoy working in Electronics, helping guests find what they’re looking for and recommending options. One of my favorite on-the-job memories is doing overnight inventory shifts. Our leaders made it fun and encouraging, helped us out, and even ordered pizzas for the team.”

Head-and-shoulders shot of Maggie in front of her office door

Visual Merchandiser Team Leader, Kansas

“My first role as a seasonal team member was as cashier, and I was promoted later to manager and later to team leader. I love knowing I worked hard to get where I am today, and it shows that you can grow at your own pace. During the holidays, our team comes up with lots of ways to celebrate together—like decorating a tree with homemade creations, dressing up on special days, and other fun activities in the breakroom.”

Head-and-shoulders shot of Luke in the Target Cafe

Cart Attendant, Indiana

“I started at Target last holiday as a cashier—my first official shift after training was on Black Friday—but I love pushing carts, so now I’m a part-time cart attendant. I was surprised by the energy, how friendly and happy everyone was even during such a busy season. (The games and contests we had were a lot of fun too!) My favorite part of the job is just being outside—and the flexible schedules mean I have time for my family and full-time minister job.”

Want more info about seasonal opportunities at Target? Take a look at the full list of positions available in our stores, distribution and fulfillment centers to learn more about our opportunities and to apply, or stop by your local store anytime. We can’t wait to meet you!

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