Dulce Candy Transforms Her Son’s Room Into a Pillowfort Creature Cave With a Little Help from Target

September 30, 2016 - Article reads in
Izek in his new Pillowfort room

Known for her gorgeous and unique makeup tutorials, popular YouTube beauty expert Dulce Ruiz, aka Dulce Candy, is showing off a different kind of makeover this time… a Pillowfort bedroom makeover for her son Izek!

“Pillowfort has the cutest dinosaur-themed decor that really made this room special and unique to Izek and reflects his personal style,” said Dulce in a blog post where she showed off Izek’s fully completed creature cave, that featured everything from a dinosaur comforter set to ferocious wall art.

See the results of Dulce’s work, below!

Picture of Izek's room with callouts to different Pillowfort products

1. Dinosaur Wall Décor with Hooks, 2. It’s a Boy’s World Screen Printed Glass Art, 3. Drawer Locker Kids Nightstand

With bright dinosaur wall décor that doubles as hoodie hooks and a fun glass art print, Dulce made sure that no wall—or corner!—of the room was overlooked.

Izek's desk corner

1. Boone Kids Desk, 2. Desk Task Lamp, 3. Dinosaur String Framed Wall Art, 4. Rolling Desk Chair

Dulce added a desk nook to Izek’s room so he has an inspiring space to learn. “Now he has a dedicated area in his room to do his homework. A spacious and sturdy desk and a mod-inspired comfortable chair.”

Izek's Cat & Jack apparel

1. Cat & Jack apparel

Open shelving makes it easy for Izek to pick out his favorite outfits for school. “Nothing but fresh Cat & Jack outfits for school thanks to Target! Fun fact: Target worked with real kids to design and develop this collection,” Dulce said. 

Izek in his new Pillowfort room

1. Jurassic Jams Comforter Set

“The energy of this room … gives off such a safe and happy feeling. At no surprise, he sleeps in his room all night and wakes up bright and early, energized and happy to go to school.”

Ready to makeover your child’s bedroom? Shop all things Pillowfort at Target and Target.com!

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