California Dreamin’: Say Hello to San Diego!

August 10, 2016 - Article reads in
San Diego skyline at sunset, team members posing for a picture, and a flowery vineyard scene

We’re hitting the road this summer, checking in with Target teams across the country for the very best their cities have to offer. After stops in Raleigh and Houston, we’ve restocked our snacks, filled the gas tank and are on to the next adventure—San Diego, California. So sit back and bask in the sunshine and summery breezy as Robert Farrington, store team leader at our South Park store, shows us around his beautiful city.

Robert, give us the scoop—what are some incredible ways to enjoy summer in San Diego?
A giraffe at the zoo and a beach sceneWith the ocean and miles of beaches as your daily backdrop, there’s no way you want to stay inside. The weather gets pretty hot, but that doesn’t stop us. You’ll find my team and tons of locals out enjoying San Diego’s beautiful parks or beaches—Coronado and Mission beaches are our faves—surfing, biking, running or even testing endurance and athleticism with a Spartan adventure race. And whether you have kids in tow or are a kid at heart, you’ll love the San Diego Zoo—it’s one of the best in the nation. You’ll also find incredible wines—we have many amazing vineyards right here in northern San Diego. But you might not know that we’re also one of the U.S.’s craft beer capitals, so the microbrewery scene is top-notch. A few local favorites that fly off the shelves in our store? Modern Times and Green Flash craft beers, and Wilson Creek’s sparkling almond wine.

What should we pair with that lovely local wine or craft beer?
I’ll leave the pairing details to the experts—that’s serious business in wine country! But there is absolutely no shortage of amazing food here. From five-star restaurants and the freshest seafood you can imagine to waffles, Crack Shack chicken sandwiches and street tacos, you can’t go wrong. And there’s no better place in the country for Mexican food—guacamole and carne asada, beyond-words delicious!

How does your team help our guests enjoy the city?
Whether you call San Diego home or just stopping by for a few essentials for your visit, our Target team is ready to help. We’re burning through grills and charcoal right now and everything beach and water-related since we’re so close to the beach. We’re also unofficial tour guides of sorts. You’ll often see a team member shopping right alongside a guest, setting them up for a whole day on the beach. And we’ve got a full assortment of Todd Snyder’s Local Pride items as well as South Park and San Diego t-shirts to help visitors remember their fun and maybe make their friends a bit jealous. These little efforts go a long way in making everyone feel welcome in our store and our community.

Speaking of community, how does your team give back?
A child and mother playing checkers, a sign for the event, and a picture of the team volunteeringWe don’t just show up for work—we want to really be involved in our neighborhood and the broader San Diego community. Whether we’re volunteering at the local food bank or doing a #lunchbag challenge, making up lunches for those in need right in our South Park neighborhood, it’s a chance to do some good while also having fun and connecting as a team. We just finished a great event—neighborhood families were invited to a “walk-about” street fair, complete with local music, food and crafts. My team made sure the kiddos had a ton of fun, setting up bubble and game stations and sharing snacks (even a few treats for four-legged friends). When I see the smiles on the kid’s faces—and sometimes even bigger smiles on my team’s faces—I really feel like I’m living the dream!

Planning your own summer trek? Stop by your local Target store or for everything you need. And stay tuned for more adventures as our road trip continues! 

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