Oregon Trail’s Big Comeback + More Game Night Exclusives

August 1, 2016 - Article reads in
Oregon Trail the card game is pictured with a variety of other exclusive games

Dodging dysentery and typhoid. Making life-or-death decisions: Banker from Boston or carpenter from Illinois? Caulk and float or ford the river? Ahh, Oregon trail…you raised our hopes and dashed our dreams, all during 3rd period computer lab. But we’re still super fans. So, we’re finally-reached-Willamette-Valley excited to introduce a new way to travel the trail—the Oregon Trail card game. And it’s only at Target.
Oregon Trail game piecesThis Target exclusive has the same struggles, triumphs and 8-bit graphics you loved, with a new twist. You’ll work closely with your wagon party of 2-6 players to safely travel the trail together, this time with calamity and supply cards instead of a space bar.

“Entertainment isn’t enough anymore. Guests crave experiences to enjoy with their families and friends,” says Scott Nygaard, senior vice president, Merchandising. “That’s why board games are going through a big resurgence now—and seeing double digit growth at Target. The team has done incredible work with the biggest game-makers, specialty companies and newest start-ups. Together, we’re developing exclusive games, like the Oregon Trail card game, that our guests love and that make Target a go-to game destination.”

The Trail’s comeback isn’t our only big news—we’re bringing fans 50 Target-exclusive games throughout the fall. We’ll give game geeks a first look at Gen Con (the world’s longest-running gaming convention) this week. But, you don’t have to travel to Indianapolis to join the fun. Check out these new and exclusive games, hitting stores and Target.com this week:

Brain Strain

Games used to be about chance and luck. Now, strategy games like Codenames and Ticket to Ride are incredibly popular—and will put your brain to work. And we’ve got exclusive new takes on these favorites that you can’t find anywhere else!

Silhouettes against a black background are shown on the Codenames: Deep Undercover boxFor adults, Codenames: Deep Undercover is a colorful twist on the original, with all-new words, “bystanders” and blank cards so you can add your own flair.

A colorful set of characters stand before a train on the Ticket to Ride First Journey boxTicket to Ride: First Journey is the perfect way to introduce younger kids to the smash hit—and to strategy games.

Four colorful wooden gamesFor more mental exercise, we’re partnering exclusively with Marbles the Brain Store to bring fun STEM-inspired games to Target. They’re even scientist-approved (no joke).

Armchair Athlete

Klask is shown with a natural wood base with a blue table topOne more favorite, only at Target and Marbles the Brain store? This Scandinavian air hockey-meets-magnets gem—Klask. It’s sure to be a hit with kids and adults alike, no actual hockey skill required.

Shenanigans for Girls' Night or Poker Night Redux

Four colorful gamesAlso across the pond in the United Kingdom, we discovered indie party game line Big Potato Games. Now, with help from another fan fav, Bananagrams, Inc., we’re bringing this silly line to the U.S., only at Target. Swap out your usual games or poker chips for hilarious fun.

Family Fun

An antique-looking chess and checkers set is pictured, along with some playing peices
Ready to wax nostalgic with memories of family game nights from your childhood? Only Target has these high-quality, classic parlor games that look like they’ve come straight out of your grandpa’s attic.

Monopoly, Sorry! and Clue are shown in retro boxesWhat’s a game night without classic favorites like Monopoly, Sorry and Clue? We’ve got those and more, in an exclusive retro line from Hasbro.

Three games are shown in modern boxesAnd for a more modern take, try one of these new exclusives from Gather ‘Round Games: Really Bad Art, Stick Stack or Suspicion.

So, clear the coffee table, grab some snacks and get ready to take your game night to the next level. For even more exclusive gaming inspiration, check out Target.com or your local Target store.

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