Girl getting the headband braid by a So Cozy hair stylist

SoCozy Founder Shares Fun and Easy Back-to-School Hairstyles

As back-to-school season quickly approaches, it’s time to nail down the basics. Updated wardrobe from Cat & Jack? Check. Stylish school supplies from Yoobi? Check. Cool new back to school hairstyles and haircare products from SoCozy founder Cozy Friedman? Check! We sat down with the creator of the first professional line of hair products made just for kids to talk fun new hairstyles, getting rid of tangles and time-saving hair secrets.

“I think being a parent is hard enough—hair should be easy,” said Cozy. The collection features hair-saving products like the SoCozy Curl Gel-Cream for curly hair and the Boo! Lice Scaring Spray, and as parents are gearing up to send their kids back to school, Cozy wants to make sure that hair scares are a non-issue this year. 

“If you put a little bit of planning into it, it’s easy,” Cozy says. Her recommendation? “Before heading back to school, spend a rainy day playing around with your kids’ hair. Go on YouTube and find a couple of styles that are going to work for you and your kid, so you can build up a little repertoire.” 

Knowing what style you’re going to tackle in advance also helps save time and frustration: “If you decide the night before with your son or daughter what the hair situation is going to be, it makes the morning go that much smoother,” said Cozy. “What also really slows parents down is tangles—tangles are the number one hair problem for kids. So if you have a daughter with long hair, you need to make sure to use a great Detangler like SoCozy, which is also a leave-in conditioner that provides hydration, in addition to tackling tangles. To prevent tangles, have her sleep in a loose pony or braid, that way they won’t be so bad in the morning.”

Speaking of braids, learn a few of Cozy’s signature styles by following her braid tutorials, below. You’ve still got time to master them before school starts this fall!

Headband Braid 

So Cozy hairstylist performing step one of the headband braid

Wash hair with SoCozy 3 in 1 Shampoo + Conditioner + Wash and leave hair damp or blow dry, depending on your child’s preference. Brush out hair until smooth, using SoCozy Detangler as needed. Create a deep side part on one side of the head—this is where the braid will start.

Step two of the headband braid.

Starting with three even pieces of hair at the part, French braid along your child’s hairline, pulling in pieces of hair as you go to secure the braid to the head. Braid along the entire hairline and finish the braid by tying it at the end with a clear rubber band.

Step three of the headband braid, finished with beads.

To finish, add in colorful plastic beads by securing them to the braid with a bobby pin.

Double Twisty Ballerina Buns 

Step one of the double twisty ballerina bun

Shampoo and condition hair and let air dry, then brush it out and create a center part. Sweep hair into two high ponytails, as if making pigtails.

Step two of the double twisty ballerina buns

Braid each pigtail, securing at the end with a clear rubber band. Wrap braid around the ponytail until it creates a bun and secure with a bobby pin.

Complete double twisty ballerina buns

Finish with colored plastic beads, secured to the braid-bun with bobby pins.

SoCozy products are available at Target stores and, with prices ranging from $7.99 to $14.50.

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