Target’s “Smart” Solutions Help Parents Raise Baby With Confidence and Ease

August 2, 2016 - Article reads in
Baby in Connected Nursery

Did you know that one out of every four baby monitors sold in the U.S. is purchased at Target? And that of that assortment, a third are “connected” monitors, meaning they can link up to the internet?

Target has long been a parent-favorite when it comes to baby products. Now, we're doubling down on our smart baby offerings by launching a new Connected Nursery section, designed to introduce parents to internet-enabled baby products that make parents’ lives easier and offer peace of mind. The dedicated in-store area is now available in about 450 Target locations across the nation.  

Learn more about the Connected Nursery assortment, below:

Withings Monitor

Tied to an app, this monitor measures air quality so parents can be aware of things like allergens and moisture.

Kinsa Thermometer

This ear thermometer uses an app to help moms and dads track symptoms and offer diagnoses.

Edwin the Duck

A bath toy, night light, lullaby and storybook all-in-one, this app-connected product aids in sleep, development and fun!

MonBaby Smart Button

This smart button tracks baby’s breathing rate, movement level and sleep position.

Temp Traq

Worn comfortably in a baby’s underarm, this patch tracks temperature and can alert parents of a fever.

Motorola Smart Environment Machine

(Available late August)

A night-light, sound machine and humidifier in a sleek design that looks great in any nursery.

Motorola Scale

(Available late August)

Tied to an app, this scale measures weight and length over time, including a percentage chart.

Target’s Connected Nursery devices are available in select Target stores and on for prices ranging from $19.99 to $199.99.

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