Back to School With Bethany Mota! The YouTube Star and Designer Opens Up About Her New Line of School Supplies at Target

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Put that boring binder back on the shelf and step away from the classic composition notebook—it’s time to customize. Target’s teamed up with YouTube sensation, designer and entrepreneur Bethany Mota on a seriously cool and customizable line of school supplies that lets students put their own colorful twist on a geometric notebook, deck out a blank canvas binder with some sweet ice cream and donut stickers, and even create one-of-a-kind kraft pencils! Thanks to Mota’s personal spin on everything from a color-your-own journal to love-themed rubber stamps and ready-to-decorate picture frames, school supplies are no longer one-size-fits-all. The DIY pro even took it a step further and made the video below to share her back to school backpack hack, confetti frame and clothespin magnet projects with her viewers, who can recreate the projects at home just in time for the first day of school!


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We caught up with Bethany to learn more about her new line with Target, favorite supplies and what makes heading back to school so exciting! Read on:

What was the inspiration behind your designs?
I was very inspired by my personal style for this school supplies line. I wanted to make sure everything was bright, colorful and customizable. Supplies shopping was always my favorite part about going back to school—I remember getting so excited to browse the aisles and find new notebooks and pencils to start my year. I've wanted to design my own supplies for a while now, so to actually have the opportunity is amazing.

What was your favorite part of the collaboration?
My favorite part about collaborating with Target was the opportunity to let my creative freedom run wild and design something I'm proud of. Target has always been one of my favorite stores so to be able to walk into a store and see my supplies in person is incredible.

How does it feel to know that kids around the country will be using Bethany Mota school supplies all year?
It's really cool to think that I'll be a part of that experience for kids. I know going back to school can be a little scary or nerve-racking at times, so my goal is to make that time a little more fun.

What makes back to school one of your favorite times of the year? 
It's a fresh start, which is something I always looked forward to. My favorite class in school was history, and I always felt more encouraged to get work done in school when I had fun school supplies. It's something that seems so small but can help in a big way. 

What makes your line of school supplies stand out?
Everything is very DIY-focused. You can use the supplies as they are, or you can color them in, add stickers, etc. to make them unique to your personal style. I love this because it's a great form of self-expression. My favorite items are the notebooks and the rub-on transfers! I love how they turned out and I have already been using them a lot. 

Bethany Mota for Target school supplies are now available at Target stores and online at, with prices ranging from $1 to $8.


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