Catching Up With the Crew! Get to Know Some of the Kids Behind Target’s Back to School Campaign

August 24, 2016 - Article reads in
Keven, Cambria and Claire posing together

Over the past month, you may have seen our kid-created back to school TV commercials or signs while shopping in our stores; but now it’s time to get to know a few members of the crew of creative youngsters that helped bring Target’s back to school marketing campaign to life. 

We partnered with non-profit organizations Adolescent, 826LA and Juxtaposition who connected us with young filmmakers, writers and creatives from all over the country. Nearly 20 kids made up the team of super-talented students, who ranged in ages from 8 to 17 and came from places like California, Minnesota and Florida.

Below, we caught up with a few of them to learn more about the part they played in the campaign, what they loved about it and what they want to do next! Meet Keven, Cambria and Claire:

Keven, 10, Los Angeles

Image of Keven, one of the student creators

Role: "I wrote the mysterious pencil story, and Target made it into a commercial for back to school."
On being picked for the campaign: "I was proud of myself and excited, because there were like 200 other kids making the stories and only seven selected—and I was one of them!"
Coolest part: "Going to the stage where the commercials were being shot and seeing my set."
Back to school must-haves: "I really like cool backpacks and lunch boxes, like the BB8 Star Wars lunch box."
Favorite class: "Recess, but…my favorite educational one is reading."
Grownup #goals: "I want to make video games and I also want to be an athlete."

Cambria, 15, West Hills, Calif.

Cambria, one of the kid creators

Role: "I was a junior stylist for this campaign, and helped pick out and style the outfits the kids wore in the commercials." 
On being picked for the campaign: "I’ve always loved watching back to school campaigns on TV, so being selected for this really got me excited for the new school year."
Coolest part: "My favorite part of the entire experience was to see the finished outcome of all these commercials and how all the little details came together."
Back to school must-haves: "The clothes that we were using from the Cat & Jack line, because they’re all so fun and brought me back to picking out clothes when I was younger. My favorite piece was a tulle skirt with little pom poms." 
Favorite class: “Art."
Grownup #goals: "I want to be a fashion designer when I’m older."

Claire, 17, San Diego, Calif.

Claire, one of the kid creators

Role: "I was the director of five of the national television commercials, so was involved in things such as casting, running meetings and being on conference calls all the way to actually being on set, running the show and directing."
On being picked for the campaign: "It was such an honor. And it was honestly so nice to feel recognized for my passion. Most of all, it was great to feel trusted, because when you’re a kid you never know who is going to take you seriously." 
Coolest part: "I loved being on set and being in the midst of all the craziness. The kids were running the show, but we had adult, experienced professionals working with us, and it was awesome to be in the scene with them, learning from them and hearing their stories."
Back to school must-haves: "There was a little Cat & Jack cape. It was one of the things we were playing with behind the scenes — like I wanted that as a kid. I loved it!"
Favorite class: "I’ve always loved English. I love writing. Storytelling is a big part of what I do."
Grownup #goals: "I think directing is where my career path is leading me."

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