Target’s Updated School List Assist Shopping Tool Lets Guests Shop Nearly 1 Million Classroom Supply Lists

July 29, 2016 - Article reads in
Graphic of a backpack with school supplies coming out of it

Imagine school supply shopping done in mere minutes! Thanks to Target’s School List Assist online shopping tool and our exclusive partnership with, back-to-school supply shopping is easier, more efficient and quicker than ever.

Launched just last year, School List Assist is an online hub featuring the most common K-8 school supplies found on school lists across the country. But this year, helped us go up a grade by giving guests access to the actual lists compiled by their kids’ very own teachers! We’ve partnered with hundreds of thousands of classes so far, and all it takes is a quick zip code search to find them.

Image of School List Assist homepage

It’s simple, really: Search your zip code, select your school and class, opt for order pickup or delivery, add the listed items to your cart and proceed to checkout. Yes, we timed it and yes, it’s actually done in a matter of minutes!

Image of a school list up on School List Assist

Image of a curated list of items

School List Assist’s expanded functionality also comes with its own list of fun features, like:

  • An experience that adapts to any device you’re using, allowing guests to easily shop from their desktop, phone or tablet
  • The ability to search all of the items available on, beyond the class lists or the most popular supplies 
  • A smart “type ahead” search bar that will recommend related products, conveniently displaying their images and prices

Image of the search ahead functionality

To us, heading back to school should be fun—not stressful—for students and parents. And making a critical part of that process faster and more seamless than ever before is just one way we’re gearing your family up for another gold star school year.

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