Close-ups of Katherine, Jordan and Tiffany

Ready to take your dorm from blah concrete box to lush living space? We’ve got the perfect room redux squad! Meet our college stylists, Katherine Elizabeth, Jordan O’Brien and Tiffany Ma. These social media stars and recent college grads know style, design—and the secrets to making a 220-square-foot box feel like (a chic, cozy, the-neighbors-across-the-hall-might-never-leave) home.

Over the coming weeks, they’ll post, snap and tweet crazy cool college inspiration on their social channels (and our channels, too). Everything from campus must-haves and dorm DIYs to small-space solutions that are super functional, and totally you. You can follow along with Katherine Elizabeth, TheGentlemanCove and MissTiffanyMA, but we’ve got your sneak peek—and everything you see is available at Target and

Katherine’s Earthy & Eclectic Oasis
Katherine poses in her earthy and eclectic room.“You have a lot of freedom going into college—but if you can balance work and fun, you’ll have a great experience,” says Katherine, who knows a thing or two about keeping up with studying (she’s a recent college grad) while chasing her passion—sharing DIY, lifestyle and fashion tips via YouTube. She designed a room that’s fit for serious schoolwork (who wouldn’t be inspired at that desk?) and much-needed down-time. The secret? “Choose products that are true to your style, but functional at the same time, like sheets with a side pocket so your phone or book is right within reach. Dual purpose items are a must for small dorm rooms!” Listen in as Katherine gives us the scoop on more dorm room must-haves.

Jordan’s Cool & Contemporary Escape
Jordan poses in his cool and contemporary room.Sophisticated colors are trending this season, and Jordan, a recent college grad from San Francisco and style hacker extraordinaire, is a master at mixing neutrals and clean lines with pops of cool color and gold touches for a stylish, comfortable space. “I’m inspired by the classic 20s, 30s and 40s, mixed with modern, sleek elegance,” Jordan tells us. But the room he designed isn’t just elegant—he makes the most of limited space with a cool fridge caddy and ottoman that does storage double-duty. Here’s Jordan breaking down his favorite Target finds.

Tiffany’s Bright & Bold Hot Spot
Tiffany poses in her bright and bold room.When you’re internet-famous for streaming fun DIY fashion and health tips from your dorm, your room better be amazing! Now that she’s graduated from her dorm days (after studying business economics in Los Angeles), Tiffany’s psyched to be helping freshman create their own picture-perfect style. “Target has everything any human would want, including so many college-worthy finds that are both functional and stylish.” says Tiffany. Check out her top picks, like a retro-inspired instant camera and mint Keurig (only available at Target).   

So, which style’s totally you?
Earthy or bold? Bright or cool? Chat with our College Stylist Bot 24/7 to find your signature dorm room style. Simply download the Kik app, open the Bot Shop and search “Target.”Three screenshots showing the bot experienceNow that you have a huge, biology-text-book-size dose of style inspiration, here are a few Target hacks to make your college hauls simple, fast and fun:

  • Registries aren’t just for diapers and place settings anymore. Load up your wish list with hangers, storage bins, XL twin sheets, flip-flops, a mini-fridge and more (we made a cheat sheet to help you plan and pack) for friends and family who want to help you get set up.
  • Everything you need is in the palm of your hand! From your smartphone, visit for your must-haves – and, with order pick-up, you can even order online and have your stuff shipped to store near your school.
  • Drop a hint for care packages 2.0. With a few subtle hints, mom or dad can help make sure you never run low on essentials like paper towels, laundry detergent or thousands of everyday necessities. Just set up a subscription order, and packages arrive automatically. Easy as ramen!
  • Save big with Cartwheel. You know, so ramen isn’t the ONLY thing on your menu…get great discounts in-store when you use the Cartwheel app.

For a closer look at each College Stylist's room, check out these pics: 

Ready to design your own room? Head to Target or for everything you’ll need to start the school year right.

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