Target Puts Emphasis on Mobile with Updated Experience

June 2, 2016 - Article reads in
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New adaptive website before and after

Mobile is becoming the device of choice for today’s shoppers, and that trend is even more pronounced at Target. Our guests over-index for mobile usage, and mobile traffic and sales have been key to driving Target’s industry-leading digital growth.

Beginning today, no matter the screen size or device—mobile, tablet or desktop—visitors to will have a more consistent and unified experience. Target (like many retailers) previously operated two separate websites: one for desktop and one for mobile. The shift to one site means Target’s desktop experience will, essentially, be the same one that guests have seen on Target’s mobile website.

“People rely more than ever on their phones for everything in life, from interactions with friends to scheduling to shopping,” said Jason Goldberger, Target’s chief digital officer. “We’ve talked for years about being a mobile-first retailer. This move takes us from mobile first to mobile only.”

The Target team has been methodically building and testing the new experience—which is built to adapt to screen sizes from desktop to tablet to mobile—since launching the site last year for mobile and tablet.

With the new upgrade, guests can switch more seamlessly between devices—even if they do so mid-shopping spree. And we know this is important to guests. In a recent survey, 80% of Target shoppers stated that they had started a task on one device, then switched to a different device to complete the task.

And, of course, we gave the site a bit of a makeover, too. Guests will now see more visual cues and icons—and fewer words—an adjustment our testing showed clarified the experience for many users.

We also continue to see big gains in Target’s conversion rate—when browsing turns into a purchase—on mobile devices. Last year, Target’s mobile conversion rate shot up almost 90% and is now higher than our desktop rate in 2013—another clear sign that mobile is at the center of our guests lives and that they crave convenience.

And while we hope guests love the new experience on desktop, they aren’t the only ones who’ll benefit from this upgrade. By streamlining technology under the hood, we’ll now be managing with one code base, meaning our team will be able to make updates faster and more efficiently than ever before.

We’ll continue to tweak and make enhancements to the experience. And the good news here is the upgraded site will allow us to be more nimble. So fire up those desktop computers, laptops, tablets, phablets and phones (oh my!)—and start shopping the new

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