Exclusive: Your Front-Row Peek Into Nick Jonas’ Surprise Show + 3 Songs, Only at Target

June 9, 2016 - Article reads in
Nick Jonas performs in front of a red bullseye

Ever daydreamed about getting close to Nick Jonas? (Yeah, you’re not alone). The heartthrob has a massive fan following. And, whether he’s rocking the Billboard Music Awards, launching a record label, acting, hitting the road on a North American tour, or releasing his new album, Last Year Was Complicated (it drops today!), you’re seeing Nick’s face everywhere right now.
A close-up of Nick Jonas' face on his album coverBut Nick surprising you in person? That’s the stuff fan dreams are made of. Just call us #DreamMakers. Yesterday afternoon, Target invited 50 fans to our New York studio for what they thought was a listening party (sneak preview of three never-before-shared Target-exclusive tracks? Yes, please!).
Nick's fans sit on couches at Target's studioAnd if #MoreMusic from Nick Jonas wasn’t exciting enough, mid-party, the curtains parted to reveal Nick and his full band just a few feet away! Nick slayed hit single “Close”  and “The Difference” from Last Year Was Complicated, then treated the crowd to the first-ever live performance of “When We Get Home,” one of three Target-exclusive songs from the album.
Nick performs in front of a red bullseyeWe let fans across the country in on the fun via Snapchat, but if you missed the party we’ve got your front-row view! Flip through the gallery below. And, if you’re still dreaming about getting close, get the next best thing—#MoreMusic you can’t find anywhere else! Get your copy of Last Year Was Complicated, including three Target-exclusive tracks, in stores or on Target.com today.

Looking for even more exclusive music? Stop by your local Target store or check out Target.com.

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