Camila Alves and Agatha Achindu Are Bringing Yummy Spoonfuls Frozen Baby Food to Target

May 24, 2016 - Article reads in
Various flavors of Yummy Spoonfuls product

In an ideal world, baby food is made the same way we grownups like our meals: sliced, diced and cooked to deliciousness. But who’s got time to lovingly make homemade baby food? For those who say, “I don’t,” it’s time to rejoice: Yummy Spoonfuls is launching exclusively at Target on June 12!

Agatha Achindu has been whipping up natural baby food in her Atlanta kitchen for almost 10 years. Originally from Cameroon, Agatha was used to enjoying fresh, farm-to-table ingredients and wanted her babies to have the same. Similarly Camila Alves grew up on a farm in her native Brazil eating only fresh-picked produce. Both ladies have teamed up as co-founders to launch Yummy Spoonfuls—known for serving up small-batch, flash-frozen food (it seals in the freshness)—at Target.

“We know our guests want to make choices that are better for themselves and their families, especially as they start on the journey of parenthood,” says Anne Dament, senior vice president, grocery merchandising, Target. “We believe that Yummy Spoonfuls has the potential to redefine healthy eating for a new generation and will be embraced by busy parents who are looking for fresh, organic, baby food without the hassle of making it themselves.”

To make it easy for babies to transition from baby purees to soft solids, Yummy Spoonfuls’ 31 flavors are broken down into three stages. Stage one, perfect for babies four to nine months old, creates smooth purees from single ingredients that are gentle on babies’ tummies (we love Only Apple and Only Carrot). Stage two features options for developing palates (for babies aged nine months plus) and includes flavors like Butternut Squash & Peas and Sweet Potato, Carrot & Broccoli. Stage three is perfect for toddlers just starting to feed themselves—they’ll be able to easily grab the tasty solids, like the Chicken Broccoli Bites and Pinto Beans, Brown Rice and Turkey.

Want to know more? Watch Agatha and Camila talk all things Yummy Spoonfuls, below:

Agatha and Camila talk all things Yummy Spoonfuls Play

The full Yummy Spoonfuls collection will be available in Target stores starting June 12, with prices ranging from $2.29 to $9.49.

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