Summer Boredom-Busters: Family Fun, Delivered

May 27, 2016 - Article reads in
Wonderpacks logo next to items from Primp My Ride Wonderpack.

Remember Wonderpacks? During the holidays last year, Target delivered fun with curated kits filled with toys, tambourines, and other off-beat wonders to help create epic experiences for the young and young-at-heart.

Now, Wonderpacks are back, just as you’re scouring Pinterest for family activities to keep the dreaded “I’m so bored” kid comments at bay…all…summer…long. Starting today, you’ll find six new Wonderpack experiences on—all packed up in a handy travel tote for $25 or less. And to extend the fun, you’ll find an activity booklet with even more ways to get creative with your Wonderpack products.

Here’s a sneak peek at your summer boredom-busters:

Bubble Bonanza

Products from our Bubble Bonanza Wonderpack against a pink background

When you pop open this Wonderpack, fun’s sure to bubble up! Blow bubble mountains, challenge your little ones to a bubble bounce-off, and use the bubble-measuring stick to see just how big a bubble they can blow.

Epic Indoor Fort

Products from our Epic Indoor Fort Wonderpack against a yellow background

Rainy day blues don’t stand a chance. Gather up some blankets and pillows, break out this epic Wonderpack and get those kiddos building—add a fun twist with fabric markers. Then, let imaginations run wild with fort plans, card games and finger-tip flashlights (shadow charades, anyone?).

Super Splash Bash

Products from our Super Splash Bash Wonderpack against a blue background

Just add water for super-soaked family fun with a double slide, Bunch O’ Balloons (save your poor fingers and a ton of time by filling up to 100 water balloons in 60 seconds), and balloon launcher.

Moonlight Game Night

Products from our Moonlight Game Night Wonderpack against a purple background

What bedtime? The fun doesn’t end when the sun goes down. Light up the night with hide-and-glow-seek, bling-toss, kickball and more with this glowing gear.

Primp My Ride

Products from our Primp My Ride Wonderpack against a yellow background

Bling out their bike with frills like a wireless speaker, disco lights for the spokes, Washi tape and streamers.

Silly Slime Lab

Products from our Silly Slime Lab Wonderpack against a green background

School’s out, it’s heating up…but learning’s still cool. This one’s got all the gear to help your little Einstein experiment—a science kit, lab gear, a hands-on guide and more. Homemade slime is sure to be a hit!

Shop today to get your hands on one of these limited-time-only Wonderpacks for $25 or less.

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