No Moment Too Small: Target Celebrates “itos” Milestones Between Babies and Parents

May 3, 2016 - Article reads in
Father hugging his toddler child on top of a yellow circular rug with toys scattered around

Ask any new parent: There’s no baby milestone too small to celebrate. That’s why Target’s new marketing campaign relishes in the “itos”—a nod in Spanish to the “little moments”—that have such a big impact on our lives. Just to name just a few:

Cariñito: little snuggle

Pasito: little step

Risita: little smile

Sueñito: little dream/nap

Over the coming months, we’ll be spreading the joy with commercial spots, posts on social media and an upcoming web series, all of which tell the small stories of our tiniest guests. Take a peek at what’s to come:

Sneak Peek: "itos" Moments Big & Small! Play

“We know that for new parents, watching their little ones learn and grow means the world to them,” said Rick Gomez, senior vice president, marketing at Target. “This campaign is all about celebrating the little moments that add up to lifelong memories.”

Have you ever seen so much cute in one commercial?

Share your favorite “itos” in the comments section below.

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