Nate Berkus sits in front of his summer collection display

Inside and Out, Nate Berkus's Home Collection is a Summer Style Win

Nate Berkus loves a casual summer get-together. The designer and Target partner told us so himself at a spring luncheon he hosted for top bloggers and editors last week in Los Angeles to celebrate his latest home collection at Target.

“It’s all about enjoying quality time with the people you love,” said Nate. "Nothing needs to feel fussy or overdone."

Nate’s current collection embodies that exact laid-back spirit. At the luncheon, we admired how each item—from a basket or blanket to a stool—could stand on its own and work in tandem with Nate’s other pieces to give any room an easy lift.

“The gold accents and finishes feel elevated and timeless—especially when paired with wovens, sculpted ceramics and leather,” said Nate, commenting on the gilded vases, trays and side tables decorating the space. “There’s really no room that a well-placed gold or brass accessory doesn’t work, year round.”

Nate’s top picks from the new collection include the Embroidered Frame MirrorEquestrian Side Table and the Moroccan Woven Wall Art. “They feel unusual and well traveled, like you could’ve picked them up from a local flea market in Mexico or Peru,” said Nate, referencing past trips that inspired the line. “And there are so many places they can live in your home for the summer and beyond.”

Better yet—these pieces weren’t only designed to live exclusively inside the home.

“Since it’s the summer and we’ll be spending time outdoors, why not bring indoor pieces out, like the Etched Wood Table and loads of Metal Wire Hurricanes and Pottery Tea Lights,” said Nate, reminiscing about late nights in Mexico, the ocean just a few steps away. “Grouped together, they’ll immediately set the mood for any evening soiree you’re hosting, outside or in.”

Scroll through highlights from Nate’s new collection, below:

The Nate Berkus collection is available at Target from $4.99 to $89.99. To hear more from Nate about the Instagram-famous golden stapler from his stationery collection, click here.

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