Fitness Trainer Idalis Velazquez squatting in workout gear with two dumb bells in each hand

Making Strong Moms Stronger: Fitness Expert Idalis Velazquez, Mother of Two, Shares Her Favorite Workouts

Listen up, moms! This Mother’s Day it’s time to put you first, and that means setting aside some time for a well-thought-out workout. And if there’s anyone who knows a thing or two about balancing mom life and fitness, it’s Idalis Velazquez. Founder of IV Fitness LLC and creator of the PowerUP60 training method, the C9 Champion brand ambassador and mother of two creates custom workouts for her clients—and still finds time for her own intense exercise sessions (check her Instagram to see for yourself!).

As May hosts both National Fitness Month and Mother’s Day, we spoke to the busy mom about her workout tips and her Mother’s Day plans.

Bonus: Idalis created three simple workouts exclusively for A Bullseye View readers! Check it all out, below:

What advice would you give to busy moms looking to fit in time to work out?

Take action by getting organized, avoiding distractions and committing to your fitness. With all you do, you have to take care of you! You can start with 15 to 20 minutes, three to four times a week. Whether it's following an online workout or going for a walk, it’s important just to get moving. The goal is to do something small, something achievable and to make it a habit.

How do you incorporate fitness into your family’s daily life?

I often involve my daughters in the cooking process to educate them about nutrition and the importance of staying healthy, strong and loving their bodies. I work out from home, so they are used to seeing me working out and often “crash” my workouts. I do my best to make fitness fun for them while I teach them the basics. My husband began working out with me last year, and it’s been great seeing his transformation both physically and in his performance.

How do you balance your fitness career and taking care of two kids?

It can be a challenge sometimes, but I do my best to plan ahead and stay organized. Being a mom is the most important job I will ever have and it’s also my biggest passion in life. I focus on what I can do each day that will keep me connected to them. I stopped setting unrealistic expectations for my household and aiming for perfection a long time ago! Someone once told me that my daughters will not remember or care if the clothes were folded on time, but rather the quality moments I shared with them—that stuck with me. They are confident, happy girls who are my biggest inspiration in all I do.

Any fun Mother’s Day plans?

This year I will be spending Mother’s Day with my maternal grandmother and my mom, since they are visiting me from Puerto Rico. It’s the first time my grandmother has left the country in her 80 years of life to visit my family and me. I am looking forward to a nice brunch and having a barbecue at my house with them, my husband and my little girls, relaxing and enjoying their company.

Ready to get your sweat on? Watch the videos below to see Idalis in action, hit your mat and follow along!

20-Minute Fix

Grab a set of dumbbells—whatever weight feels right for you. These exercises work your entire body while keeping your heart rate up to help you maximize calorie burn. Perform each exercise consecutively with little to no stopping in between. At the end of the round, rest for two minutes; repeat two to four times. Add this workout to your routine two to three times per week.

10-Minute Glutes, Hips & Legs

These exercises activate, strengthen and sculpt your glutes, hips and legs thanks to targeted movements and resistance from a mini band. You can perform these exercises during your warm up; complete all repetitions of each exercise before moving on to the next. Rest as needed and repeat the circuit up to three times. You can add this to your workout routine up to three times per week.

6 Minute Abs

These exercises strengthen and target your entire abdominal muscles. Complete the recommended repetitions of each exercise (that’s 20 reps on the right and left for the modified side plank and 10 reps for sprinters) before moving onto the next. Repeat two times.

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