Target’s Upping Its Skincare Game With Natural Brand Fig + Yarrow

May 13, 2016 - Article reads in
Various Fig + Yarrow beauty products with greens and flowers surrounding on a wooden board

Over the last few months, Target has introduced a wide range of new beauty offerings, including products from brands like Sonia KashukS.W. Basicsdefy & INSPIREBeautycounter (the limited-edition collection hits stores this fall!) and many more. But the fun doesn’t stop there, as we’re always looking for opportunities to bring guests amazing new products from brands that are great and great for them. Say hello to Fig + Yarrow!

This summer, Brandy Monique, founder and maker of the Denver, Colo.-based natural skincare collection, is bringing five Fig + Yarrow products to Target in the brand’s first major launch—keep an eye out for the Clay Mask, Facial Serum, Complexion Water and more arriving on shelves and this July! We caught up with Brandy to learn more about the inspiration behind the line, the ingredients and her favorite product. Read all about it, below:

What sparked the idea for Fig + Yarrow?

I’m big into meditation, so I sat down to meditate and asked myself the question, ‘What can I do that’s really going to have a positive impact where I can combine everything that I love?’ I wanted to combine all the skills that I’ve developed and create something that encourages people to take care of themselves. When you clear away the chatter, your own voice becomes the most audible voice, and that guidance was what inspired me to start the brand. 

How did you create the products for the line?

I was focused on making products that address specific issues. I used many different methods while coming up with products, but I always had to test. I would buy essential oils and all kinds of ingredients to do the product tests. I was a student at the time, and would bring the products to friends at school to try them, so I could figure out what was working and what wasn’t. Eventually, when I felt confident about certain products, I decided I had a line that was worth presenting to the public.

What inspired you to partner with Target?

I wanted to make this line available at Target because I wanted to make it accessible. Not only do Target’s guests appreciate these types of products, but our message about selfcare was really suited for the people that I know who shop at Target. These are mothers that are looking for something good for their families, and they want it to be really easy.  

What sets your line apart from other skincare products?

It’s amazing how quickly natural skincare has come into the collective consciousness, and how people have become very savvy about ingredients. With creating Fig + Yarrow products, I eliminated unsavory ingredients while making sure they were full of the good stuff. For example, when I eat a meal, I like to have a diversity of ingredients – not just because it’s more interesting, but also because they work together and offer a more well rounded benefit. I took a similar, nutritional approach to the products.

Of the products that’ll be available at Target, which is your favorite?

I love the Palmerosa Charcoal Cleanser, which I developed just for Target. It’s the first foaming facial cleaner that we created and it’s sulfate-free! Palmerosa oil is hugely antibacterial and anti-viral, and if you have something like acne and want to reduce blemishes, palmerosa will go after those microbes and eliminate them. It’s a natural complement to the other ingredients, like the charcoal, but when you combine the two, it accentuates the product’s ability to minimize the factors that are involved in skin issues. 

Want to take a sneak peek at the products? Flip through the slideshow!

To check out all of Target’s exclusive beauty lines, visit a Target store or! Fig + Yarrow will be available in 200 Target stores and on starting July 17, with prices ranging from $19.99 to $22.99.

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