To My Daughter on her First Birthday: A Heartwarming Letter from TV Host Ana Patricia Gámez

May 5, 2016 - Article reads in
Ana Patricia and her baby at the beach

A child’s first birthday is an emotional and exciting time for any new mom. Target fan and TV Host Ana Patricia Gámez is not only celebrating a year of motherhood under her belt, she’s also celebrating her adorable daughter Giulietta’s first birthday. In her touching letter below, Ana Patricia shares some of Giulietta’s adorable “itos” moments —a nod in Spanish to a baby’s little milestones—and her hopes for her future.

My hemoshina Giulietta, 

This is what I call you, my little princess. Everything changed when you came into my life. My only desire is that when you grow up and see this letter, I will have raised you well. 

You were born in the era of social media, selfies and hashtags. For me, my #BabyGiulietta was the best excuse to capture every moment since your birth and share it with so many people who love you and bless you from their screens. 

I still remember our first selfie at the hospital; you were so little that I could hold you against my chest like a little koala. 

Today on your first birthday, you are walking, running and eating with eight little teeth. 

I remember how at 11 months old you would stand up and wobble before you took your first steps, but your daddy and I were always by your side to assure you everything was going to be all right. Once you let go, no one could stop you, with or without shoes

Pasito — little steps

The most satisfying thing was being able to breastfeed you for eight months; and although I fought to keep doing it until you turned one, it was not possible. I cherish the beautiful memories of having you so close to me, wrapped in my arms. 

Sueñito — little dream/nap

I have always tried to give you the best, in every way; and although I am not the most amazing cook in the world, I feel like the best chef when I prepare your purees with natural food. Your first solid food was arrocito con pollo (rice with chicken); you grabbed it with your little hands and ate like a big girl. And when it came to bath time, you were a little mermaid. You’ve loved water since day one.

Bañito – little bath

I love you so much that I get emotional just thinking about it. Thank you for making me the happiest mom in the world. May your best presents every birthday be health, happiness and love.  

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