Fitness Trainer Adam Rosante showing an air squat and a push up

Adam Rosante Shares His Exclusive 5 x 50 Bootcamp Workout to Get You Moving

Atten-HUT!  C9 Champion brand ambassador Adam Rosante is a big fan of the bootcamp workout. In fact, he put together a special 5 x 50 bootcamp challenge exclusively for A Bullseye View readers.

We caught up with Adam to learn about the benefits of bootcamp and get his secrets to success. But before you drop down and give us 50, suit up for your workout in style. These sleeveless shirtsfitted tees and premium shorts from C9 Champion feel light as a feather and will keep you agile as you squat, kick, punch and repeat. 

Gear up, read on and scroll down to get Adam's full bootcamp workout, below:

What do you like best about bootcamp workouts?

There are a million reasons to love boot camp workouts. They can be done just about anywhere with little to no equipment, and they allow you to pack a high volume of work into a short amount of time.

Why are bootcamp workouts so effective? 

A great bootcamp workout will force the body to work as a whole, under high intensity. That requires significant energy expenditure, which means more calories burned. That's great for fat loss and body conditioning. This style of working out also ignites the“Afterburn Effect." What that means is that the body will continue to burn a higher amount of calories after the workout has ended.

What are some benefits of a bootcamp workout beyond the physical exertion?

While a shredded body is great, the more surprising benefits from a bootcamp workout are for your mind. Bootcamps can be modified to suit just about any fitness level, but at the end of the day, they're still hard! That difficulty is what produces results; when your body feels like giving up, but you pull yourself through. There's a mental transformation that happens when you realize, "I'm stronger than I thought.” I've seen it countless times. It's amazing. 

How should guests warm up and cool down for their boot camp workout?

A dynamic warm-up that mimics the movements of the workout to come is key. You want to increase blood flow to your muscles, lubricate your joints and fire up your central nervous system. Your cool down should be comprised of a series of static stretches. I like to stretch out the major muscle groups, holding each stretch for three to five slow, deep breaths. There's a great warm-up and cool down sequence in the Commit to Fit Challenge that I helped design for C9 Champion at Target

What are some ways to either modify the workout so it's more beginner-friendly or, for those die-hards, more intense?

Slowing down the speed at which you perform the workout is a great way to lower the intensity. Alternatively, if you want to crank things up a notch, put the pedal through the floor and go as hard as you possibly can. Just make sure you're keeping good form the entire time. 

Ready to give Adam's workout a go? Follow along below!

The 5 x 50 Challenge


Set a timer and perform 50 reps of every move, below, resting only when necessary. 

Once you’ve completed the workout, write your time down. Do this workout once per week, aiming to improve your time each session. 

Break up the reps however you’d like. My advice is to not go to failure on any given move. 

One strategy would be to break up each move into five sets of 10 reps. For example, do 10 Air Squats and then rest as long as you need. Repeat like this four more times for 50 total reps, then move on to the Push-ups.

Another strategy would be to do five reps of each move, back-to-back, then take a rest and repeat like this nine more times. 


Air Squats

Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, toes turned out slightly. Press hips back and down to lower as far as you can without losing the natural curve in your lower back. Drive through the heels to return to start. That's one rep. 


Start on your hands and knees with wrists positioned directly below your shoulders. Step feet back one at a time. Keep your torso rigid and bend elbows out at a 45-degree angle from the body. Lower until your chest touches the floor. Press back up to start. That's one rep

Pro tip: To modify, lower knees to floor or perform with hands elevated on a stable chair or bench. 

Power Kicks

Stand with feet hip-width apart, hands closed in fists directly under your chin. Kick your right foot forward to at least hip-height. Explosively switch feet to land on your right foot as you simultaneously kick your left foot forward. That's one rep. 

Ground Punches

Start in the top of a push-up position. Brace your core and punch forward with your right hand at shoulder level with your arm parallel to the floor. Return hand to the floor. Repeat with the left. That's one rep. 


Stand with feet hip-width apart. Squat down and place hands on floor under shoulders. Jump feet back to land at the top of a push-up position. Lower entire body to the floor. Press back up and jump feet forward to land under hips. Jump straight up, clapping hands directly overhead. Land softly. That's one rep. 

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