A New Way to Save with Target's Cartwheel! Plus a Few Tips and Tricks From the App’s Creators

April 4, 2016 - Article reads in
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To know someone who uses Cartwheel is to know someone who’s giddily saving a ton of money at Target. Cartwheel, the fun-to-use couponing app, which launched back in 2013, has quickly earned a die-hard following (you know who you are, Super Scanners). And, in doing so, Cartwheel has helped millions of people save big bucks—like, more than $475 million (and counting) to be specific. Check out the new video at bottom.

Now, Cartwheel is testing a new kind of deal: digital manufacturer coupons that offer a dollar amount discount (rather than a percentage) and are only available for single use. Some of Cartwheel users' faves so far: 50 cents off Honey Nut Cheerios, and $1 off Edge or Skintimate Shave Gel!

With this new way to save in mind, we turned to the experts—the very creators of the Cartwheel app themselves—to gain insider-level intel for maximizing savings. Here’s what they shared:

  1. Tag-team Saving: Bring the whole family and task one person with plucking items from the shelf, while another stands by with the Cartwheel app open. Their job? To scan every item’s barcode as it goes into the cart to see if there’s a Cartwheel deal or related offer available.
  2. Are we there yet?: Did you know there are now store maps in the Cartwheel app that show you exactly where your items are located? Yup. You’re welcome, Target treasure hunters.
  3. Stay in the know: Sign up for e-mails and push notifications. We know Sunday shoppers who wait to see their new deals before making a Target run!
  4. Apple users: On iPhones, the “share” button allows you to send your list into iOS “Notes” app, where many guests keep their shopping lists.
  5. Droid users: Press and hold the screen once you’re in the Cartwheel app for a shortcut to the barcode widget!

If you’re new to Cartwheel—or even if you’re a seasoned pro—take a look at this new video to see how it all works:

Check out these helpful hacks! Play

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