#NOFOMO: Dive Into Swim Season with Zanna Roberts Rassi and Women Like You

March 4, 2016 - Article reads in
#nofomo in big letters over a palm tree and water and black circular background

Seen the hashtag #NOFOMO lately? That’s Target declaring swimsuit season a  “No Fear of Missing Out” zone, encouraging women everywhere to embrace their confident and fearless selves. Our 2016 swim assortment features more than a thousand styles that allow guests to find options they love that are a perfect fit for their bodies (New Barbie® dolls, included!).

Four women on the beach wearing bikinis and one piece bathing suits

To help us continue to spread the message of confidence and fearlessness, we joined forces with five women who live with #NOFOMO day in and day out: Musician Alex G., Dancer and Choreographer Olivia “Chachi” Gonzales, Pastry Chef Raiza Costa (aka Dulce Delight), Style Vlogger Loey (aka LoeyLane) and Gamer Meghan CamarenaTarget Stylist Zanna Roberts Rassi hooked them up with some super-cute suits that they looked great in and felt confident enough to tackle life with #NOFOMO:

Curious about that hashtag #NOFOMO? Play

Fierce! Next, these lovely ladies will each take on a #NOFOMO challenge of their own, tailored to their unique interests and skills. The challenge? Complete their tasks wearing only Target swimwear! Follow along on their social media channels to see the bold babes in action.

After the video shoot, we caught up with the group to ask them one important question: What does #NOFOMO mean to you? Here’s what they told us: 

“I related right away to this. We've all been there, right? Missing out because you don't feel confident in your look. This is why #NOFOMO works. The girls featured inspire us all to just get on with it. I worked with them to find the perfect suit to fit their personalities, and I loved them all—all shapes and sizes with the common thread being that they were all filled with confidence, spirit and a love of life. They don’t want to let life pass them by because of insecurities, and with Target’s super swim assortment, we made that possible. Here's to #NOFOMO…ever again.”

- Zanna

“I see my body as a brilliant tool that will help me conquer things. It’s so magical when you experience things you’ve never experienced before. Living a life #NOFOMO means saying “yes” to so many things. We have to support diversity. That’s what the world is made of.”

- Raiza

“We only have one life that we live and it’s exciting! Why let something so silly as wearing a bathing suit hold you back from experiencing awesome, great things? Fear of being in public in a bathing suit is more of a stereotype than a feeling we actually have.”

- Meghan

“It’s about finding something that makes you feel like the best you. At the end of the day, you live with you. And you have to be happy with who you are. You have to have fun!”

- Chachi

“People just want to see you and everything that you are. Authenticity is powerful! On the other side of fear and discomfort, there’s beauty and freedom. Go be you, don’t apologize for who you are and know that’s going to be awesome.”

- Alex

“When you look at the positives in yourself, it’s a lot easier to like what you see in the mirror.  It’s sad to think that the way I thought I looked prevented me from living my life. When you like yourself and the way you look, it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks.”

- Loey

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