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De-Stress with a Spa Night at Home, S.W. Basics Style

Some nights you just need to stay in, throw on some pajamas, put on a movie and…work on your beauty routine. How’s that for relaxing and productive? Brooklyn, N.Y.-based natural skincare brand S.W. Basics, available in almost 1,700 Target stores, has your next quiet night covered, thanks to its new Hibiscus Mask, Body Oil and Oil Serum.

“My ideal night in involves a Netflix binge, a comfortable couch and a few easy skincare treatments that help me de-stress and leave my skin feeling great,” says S.W. Basics founder Adina Grigore.

Read on for Adina’s own at-home skincare tips:

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“I begin with the Body Oil,” says Adina. “It's one of our most luxurious products and combines only three organic ingredients—sesame oil, macadamia oil and avocado oil—to create a one-of-a-kind blend that soaks in for super-soft skin. I like to apply it after showering and before putting on comfy, soft clothes (I've been known to rock a fleece onesie)!”

s.w. basics hibiscus mask fuzzy pillow hibiscus flower green clay balls

“After the Body Oil, it's Hibiscus Mask time—because what night in doesn't involve some kind of mask?” says Adina. “Our Hibiscus Mask features alpha-hydroxy-acid-packed hibiscus—aka "nature's Botox"—complexion-smoothing lavender and toxin-expelling French green clay. The prep is simple: Mix one teaspoon of the powder with one teaspoon of water to create a creamy, soothing mask. You can actually feel your face tightening up when you apply it.”  

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“I finish with our Oil Serum—an antioxidant-rich blend of coffee, turmeric, geranium and avocado oils,” says Adina. “This is a total powerhouse product and leaves the skin dewy and hydrated. Combined with our Hibiscus Mask, it'll leave your face looking glowing...and ready for couch time!”

Shop the new S.W. Basics products in most Target stores and on Target.com at prices ranging from $20 to $29!

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