You Asked, Target’s Experts Answered: Solutions to Tricky Style Problems!

February 3, 2016 - Article reads in
Zanna Roberts Rassi and Emily Henderson video stills showing how to organize a closet

Since the start of the new year, Target Home Style Expert Emily Henderson and Target Stylist Zanna Roberts Rassi have helped you tackle 2016 in style through a series of videos on Target’s Youtube channel dubbed “How Do You Do…?” With fun segments offering tips on how to declutter your spacedo January your wayachieve low-key style and enjoy some well-deserved “me” time, Emily and Zanna are making 2016 smoother already.

And they’re just getting started. We recently tapped our A Bullseye View readers for a few burning style questions, and had Emily and Zanna weigh in. Take a look below for their answers:

Mary D. asks: “I live in a small condo and I have no basement or garage. How do I create an attractive storage space inside my unit?”

Emily answers:“Stylish storage bins are your new best friend. Try a simple piece like this Room Essentials Cube Organizer from Target. Fill the shelves with pretty storage bins and baskets to conceal unwanted clutter. Consider styling the shelves you don’t fill with baskets and bins with books, art or a plant.”

Lindsey S. asks: “What’s the best way to stay stylish in freezing temperatures? I love bright colors and statement pieces, but in the cold weather, they’re covered up by chunky sweaters and bulky coats!”

Zanna answers: “During the winter months, my outer pieces make the statement, as that’s what people are going to see most. Opt for a bright-colored hat and scarf for an instant pop of color that'll liven up a grey day. And not all sweaters have to be bulky. Sweatshirts are great, and my favorite trick for winter is to take a lightweight sweater and add pieces under or over—something with a graphic pattern to go over, like this cardigan, or turtlenecks to go underneath.”

Angeline M. asks: “I live in a small, one bathroom rental apartment with an interesting bathroom design problem. Our toilet and shower are in their own room with a door, while the sink and vanity are in a the hallway. So as you walk down the hallway to use the bathroom you pass the sink before you are actually in the powder room. How do I connect and design these disjointed spaces (hallway, sink/vanity, bathroom)? How do I organize bathroom necessities in this tiny public space? Help!”

Emily answers: “Rental spaces are tricky. As you can’t do much to the actual layout of the bathroom, try adding a curtain rod and patterned curtain to pull back over the sink in the hallway. Add some woven bins underneath the sink for your bathroom necessities and use a portable bin on wheels for the items you take back and forth.”

Julie G. asks: “Out here on the West Coast, we’re experiencing so much rain these days! Can you recommend some functional, but fabulous rain gear for those of us who aren’t dealing with snowstorms, but are instead trying to get through El Niño…in style?”

Zanna answers: “Rain boots are a must for West Coasters right now, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice function for fashion. There are so many different variations—from knee high to ankle booties and patterned to solid, there’s truly a style for everyone…and every body type. Pair your boots with fun socks or tights along with a chic, water-resistant anorak in classic neutrals and you’re good to go.”

Isabel G. asks: “Decluttering your closet and bathroom video brought me here. It all looked amazing, but what I really want to know is where can I get that small white display box with built in compartments or cubbies...??”

Emily answers: “Target! Try the Threshold 4-Cube Organizer Shelf in White. It’s important to keep your everyday products easily accessible, but cubbies maintain organization and relieve your already small space of unnecessary clutter.”

Amanda B. asks: “I want a fresh start for my closet for 2016, what three items are essentials this year?”

Zanna answers: “When thinking about a fresh start for your closet, you want pieces you can easily mix and match and that work hard with pieces you already own. One major trend that works well for this is athleisure! Leggings, sweater dresses, and track pants all can be dressed up or down. I love to finish them off with a statement and a structured piece. A duster paired with heels and great jewelry would make the perfect transition from day to night.

Edith S. asks: “My conundrum? How to store spices in an organized, affordable way. Also what ideas do you have for the pantry? Decanting, perhaps?”

Emily answers: “Decanting is a great idea for spices; try vintage jars or any other kind of clear vessel to create a sleek, visually appealing set-up. Pantries can easily turn into black holes, so consider consolidating your food by expiration date via clear labels. It’s a smart, easy way to organize the pantry and ensure that you’re consistently tossing what’s expired.”

Christina N. asks: “In Florida, our ‘winter’ tends to be cool before sunrise and after sunset but particularly warm in the afternoon! What are your tips and tricks for fashionable layering in this finicky weather?”

Zanna answers: “Think like an onion—lots of layers! Some unique ways I layer are by putting a tee under a summer dress and a jacket over that, pairing socks with my open-toed shoes, long cardigans under blazers, turtlenecks under plaid shirts, and a slip dress over jeans with a jacket over that! I’m also a big fan of layering jewelry on the outside of these clothes, and I love dainty chains, like this necklace from Venice and Violet by Dogeared.”

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