Bevel Arrives at Target: This Men’s Grooming Brand Will Redefine the Way You Shave

February 2, 2016 - Article reads in
Variety of Bevel products with yellow striped border

Hey guys, listen up! Tired of razor bumps, skin irritation and unsightly ingrown hairs caused by shaving? Thanks to our exclusive partnership with popular subscription shave system Bevel­, the Walker & Company flagship brand, those days are numbered.

This brand is making smooth skin its mission, and if Bevel’s big-name investors—Magic JohnsonJohn Legend and Google Ventures, to name just a few—are any indication, let’s call it mission accomplished.

Designed specifically for—and beloved by—men with coarse or curly hair, Bevel arrived at Target on Feb. 1, offering à la carte product options from its unique end-to-end system—until now only available as part of a monthly subscription package. Products include protective priming oil, a shaving brush, shave cream, post-shave restoring balm and a single-blade safety razor that’s designed to help reduce and prevent bumps and irritation. And, if you’re so into the line that you do want to set up a Target subscription, you can do that too (and get five percent off plus free shipping when you spend more than $25)!

We caught up with Walker & Company Brands founder and CEO Tristan Walker to talk more about the Target partnership and why he’s excited about this new venture.

What inspired this partnership between Bevel and Target?

Walker & Company’s commitment is first and foremost to our customers, and we’ve heard from a significant amount of them that they are loyal Target shoppers. As part of our mission to make health and beauty simple for people of color, we want to ensure that Bevel is readily available to them where they already shop. Target’s care for its guests and focus on quality products and design made them a natural partner for us, and we are honored to launch our brand in Target stores and on

Why will guests be excited to find Bevel products at Target?

Our popular online subscription includes the full system: Bevel Razor and Bevel Badger Brush, plus a three-month supply of Bevel Priming Oil, Bevel Shave Cream, Bevel Restoring Balm and 60 Bevel Blades. However, we know many of our customers can’t always wait to shave until they receive their next subscription refill. It’s exciting that they can now go to Target or and buy our products à la carte—whether they’re traveling or simply running low on a product and need a quick refill.

What differentiates Bevel from other shaving brands?

As someone who suffered from skin issues related to shaving in the past, I know what it’s like to be frustrated and embarrassed by razor bumps. So many men of color are afraid to use a razor on their face because they’ve had a bad experience. We created Bevel to eliminate that problem. In fact, in a four-week user-perception study, four out of five men reported an overall improvement in skin clarity, smoothness and softness using the Bevel shave system. We’re excited to make Bevel available at Target and look forward to getting feedback from customers on how we can make it even better. This is just the beginning!

Which of the Bevel products that are available at Target is your favorite?

I’d have to say the Bevel razor—I absolutely love its design. It brings a modern aesthetic to a classic experience. And gives a great shave, of course!

Ready to give Bevel a go? Take a look at the full collection, below: 

How To Load a Blade step by step graphic

How To Load A Blade

Step 1: Hold razor head with one hand, Twist handle counter clockwise, Separate head from handle

Step 2: Remove bottom and top plates from head,Drop new blade onto plate with pegs

Step 3: Hold top and bottom of the head with thumb and index finger, Insert handle back into the head, Twist clockwise to tighten

The Bevel shaving collection will be available in select Target stores and on starting Feb. 1 with prices ranging from $9.95 to $49.95.

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