Commit to Fit With A 21-Day Workout Series From Adam Rosante and Idalis Velazquez

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Trainers Adam Rosante and Idalis Velazquez

Perhaps you’re looking to make a lifestyle change that involves working out on the reg. Maybe your goal is to build up some muscle tone and endurance. Whatever the motivation, C9 Champion brand ambassadors Adam Rosante, Certified Fitness Trainer, specialist in Fitness Nutrition and author of “The 30 Second Body: Eat Clean, Train Dirty & Live Hard” and Idalis Velazquez, founder of IV Fitness LLC and the creator of the PowerUP60 training method, are here to help you commit to fit and achieve your goals.

We’ve got five workout videos—perfect for any fitness level that each take 15 minutes or less and are available to download on Target's YouTube channel: Warm-up, Total Body (with Dumbbells), Total Body (with Kettlebell), Abs and Cardio. Complete each workout according to the 21-day schedule below, and you’ll start to see real results in no time flat. Follow along with Adam and Idalis for wellness tips, guided instructions and more!A graphic image displaying workouts for each day of the week

Click here to download the 21-day workout schedule.

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Idalis and Adam put together five pre-workout tips to help you stay motivated and ensure you’re getting the most out of your exercises: 

  1. Update your playlist: Working out to your favorite songs will keep you pumped up and working hard while you get your sweat on! 
  2. Invest in your workout wardrobe: Rocking a great outfit helps you feel good, giving you extra motivation to hit the mat. 
  3. Prepare your workouts: Planning your workout in advance will help you stay focused and prevent you from wasting time.
  4. Rest less and maximize every second: Do an “active rest” in between sets with less-challenging exercises that will still strengthen and tone your body.
  5. Set performance-related goals: Setting and reaching positive, realistic workout goals will make you feel empowered and strong.

C9 Champion Commit to Fit: Intro Play


Ready to get started? Kick things off with a five-minute warm-up that will help prevent injury, increase your body temperature and get your mind focused and ready for the workout ahead. Let’s go!

C9 Champion Commit to Fit: Warm-up Play

Click here to download a Warm-up cheat sheet.

Total Body 1

Grab a set of dumbbells—choose a weight that feels right for you—and get ready to dive in. If you’re looking for simple modifications to the challenging moves, keep an eye on Idalis, who will show you how to ease into each exercise.

C9 Champion Commit to Fit: Total Body (with Dumbbells) Play

Click here to download a Total Body 1 cheat sheet.

Total Body 2

Get familiar with the kettlebell, an excellent training tool that gives you a full-body workout in half the time. This 15-minute exercise will test everything from your arms to your abs to your leg muscles:

C9 Champion Commit to Fit: Total Body (with Kettlebell) Play

Click here to download a Total Body 2 cheat sheet.


Strengthen and sculpt your abdominals with this eight-minute workout you can easily add into your day. According to Adam and Idalis, building up a solid core will establish a solid foundation for completing future exercises. Let’s get started:

C9 Champion Commit to Fit: Abs Play

Click here to download an Abs cheat sheet.


Keep some water nearby for a seven-minute cardio workout that’ll get your heart-rate bumpin’. Be sure to maintain a rock hard core to get the best results from each exercise.

C9 Champion Commit to Fit: Cardio Play

Click here to download a Cardio cheat sheet.

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“Failing to take the time to cool down, stretch your muscles and recover in between workouts can result in tight muscles or injuries and ultimately hurt your performance,” says Idalis. “It is important to take five to 15 minutes to let your heart-rate and blood pressure return back to normal.” 

Idalis recommends:

  • Roll it out: “Focus on spending time working on your tight and sore areas by regularly using a foam roller to help iron out the knots that can develop after a hard session.” 
  • Grab some grub: “Not eating after a workout can sabotage your metabolism, slow your progress and harm your body. Ideally, you want to eat a combination of carbs, proteins and healthy fats to help repair your muscles.” 
  • Avoid alcohol: “Post-workout alcohol has a detrimental effect on your muscles’ abilities to rebuild and repair. If you plan a night out with your friends, wait at least an hour before you drink, since the majority of muscle recovery takes place 30-60 minutes after your physical activity.”

Adam recommends:

  • Protein up: “After a workout, it’s important to replenish your protein stores in order to speed up the muscle recovery process. A post-workout protein shake is a great way to quicken the absorption rate.” 
  • Forget that “I’ll sleep when I’m dead” mantra: “When you’re working out, you’re not building muscle, you’re tearing it down. It’s during periods of rest that our bodies rebuild and grow stronger. While we’re sleeping, our bodies release a world of wonderful hormones that help to improve physical and cognitive function and regeneration. Try to get seven to nine hours of sleep every night.”

“Beyond your workout, strap on a Fitbit and commit to taking 12,000 extra steps each day,” says Adam. “Find creative ways to get those extra steps and extra movement in."

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