Zanna Roberts Rassi and Emily Henderson with face masks and robes in bed

Emily Henderson and Zanna Roberts Rassi Are Ready to Take Your Style Questions

“How do you do…?”

Four simple words open up a world of complex questions. Luckily, Target Home Style Expert Emily Henderson and Target Stylist Zanna Roberts Rassi have answers…and more. The gurus are teaming up to bring you a whole series of “How do you do-” themed videos to help stylishly ring in the New Year. The first video—out now on Target’s YouTube channel—is all about decoding decluttering. 

"The holidays are over, but there's still clutter all over your house, so we're going to teach you how to take back your space—always with style," says Emily.

"One of the number one questions we get is: How do I declutter my closet and then restock it again in an organized and stylized way?" says Zanna.

From the closet space to the master bathroom, Emily and Zanna have tips to help keep your wardrobe and living space fresh all year long. Learn more in the first video, here.

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Like what you see? Stay tuned! There are three more videos coming later this month. But in the meantime, Emily and Zanna want to hear from you: We’re opening up the floor to A Bullseye View readers, giving you the chance to ask the experts some style questions of your own. 

Comment with your conundrum below, and leave it to the design-minded duo to choose a selection of problems they can help solve. Check back on Jan. 25 to read their responses (and see a whole new set of ‘How Do You Do’ videos!).

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