Try These Gift Wrapping Tips and Tricks With Sugar Paper at Target

December 15, 2015 - Article reads in
black and white Sugar Paper ribbon spools and gold bells on gold and white string

Jewelry, toys, dumbbells—all perfect presents, yes, but they share one tricky trait: They’re tough to wrap! Thanks to the exclusive Sugar Paper at Target collection — which includes everything from beautiful printed wraps to gift boxesbagstags and ribbons — those #wrappingpaperproblems can be ghosts of Christmas past.

Follow our guide and get inspired by the holiday wrapping video below, to get on your way to paper perfection:

How Do You Wrap with Sugar Paper? Play

Use ribbonsbells and gift tags to elevate the look of a simple gift box. You can mix and match ribbons, create a multi-layer bow, tape your ribbon into patterns or add fun, festive elements like jingle bells!

Always trim the extra! Take the time to trim — it’ll help make your creases and edges that much smoother. Pro tip: If the paper tears, fold a crease to conceal the rip or trim along the edge to eliminate it completely.

Play with sizes to outsmart the gift-ee. Tiny gift or gift card? Have fun with it by concealing your teensy present in an oversized box with triple-duty tissue paper inside (or several, smaller boxes to keep friends opening and opening…)

Odd-shaped gift? Wrap it like candy! This old trick only requires setting your gift set on top of a square of beautiful wrapping tissue, then pulling the sides up over the top, and tie the ends with a beautiful ribbon!

Need some holiday gift ideas for everyone on your list? Take a peek at the Target partner gift guide for inspiration.

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