A Beginner's Guide to Wine: Celebrating Target’s New Republic of Wine Collection

December 21, 2015 - Article reads in
Republic of Wine bottles in a suitcase

White or red? Dry or fruity? Imported or domestic? Word through the grapevine is, questions like these can give you a headache. But your wine woes are over, thanks to our beginner's guide—a wine 101 inspired by the newest brand to hit Target shelves: Republic of Wine.

Together with our partners, we are constantly on the hunt for interesting wines sourced from around the world. This winter, Republic of Wine delivers a limited-production run of high-quality options, including three palate-appeasing varieties: a Côtes du Rhône and champagne from France and a chardonnay from California—all meticulously crafted and selected specifically for Target.

In honor of the new line, we spoke to Republic of Wine's lead winemaker Erin O'Brien to learn about aromas, flavors and food pairings. The one thing Erin says to keep in mind as you kick off your wine adventure?

“Remember that everybody has different tastes in wine, just like art and music. Trust in your own taste buds!”

Take a look at the infographic below to help you pick a bottle that suits you (and your company) best:

Welcome to Republic of Wine A Beginner’s Guide to Wine by Winemaker Erin O’Brien

2014 Chardonnay Serve in a Tulip-shaped glass Serve at 50-55 degrees F Cellar Temperature Dry vs. Sweet: 2 out of 4 Food pairings: Roasted turkey with all the trimmings, Roasted chestnuts, Green beans almandine, Mashed potatoes, Variety of cheeses, Baked salmon, Any roasted, grilled or smoked foods Flavor notes: Leads with Fresh pear, Apple, Hint of oak On the palate: Pear, Sweet citrus, Light vanilla cream

2014 Côte du Rhône Serve in a Larger, bowl-shaped glass Serve at 60-65 degrees F, above cellar temperature, Cooler than room temperature Dry vs. Sweet: 1 out of 4 Food pairings: A big, thick charcoal grilled rib-eye, BBQ pork, White bean casserole, Roasted duck Flavor notes: Leads with Strawberry, Raspberry, Earthy spice On the palate: Dried fruits, Fresh fruit, Pepper, Black licorice At the finish: Violet

Champagne Serve in a Tall narrow champagne flute Serve the colder the better! Dry vs. Sweet: 2 out of 4 Food pairings: Pairs well with anything from charcuterie to antipasto to the main course whether it be fish or meat Flavor notes: On the palate, Hint of berry, Light citrus, Brioche toast At the finish: Cherry, Strawberry

To get a taste of Target’s wine selection, visit your local Target store, available for a limited time only!

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