Two models wearing patterned sweaters and hats

Zanna Roberts Rassi Redefines “Hat Hair” With Simple Styling Tips

“Nothing says ‘I know fashion (or I am somebody)’ like wearing a hat,” says Target stylist Zanna Roberts Rassi as she admires New York City’s stylish strollers decked out in everything from laid back flat brims to Parisian berets. “You can’t help but do a double-take when you see someone wearing a cool hat. It’s instant style points!”

Zanna's hat hair styling must-have? Umberto hair products. “Apply dry shampoo and serum before putting a hat on so you can prevent crazy fly-aways when you take the hat off!”

Zanna gives us a few cool tips on which trends are heating up this season and tells us how to rock them like a fashionista. Turns out Target’s got us covered, literally, with beaniescloches and floppy hats!

Scroll down to get a complete rundown of Zanna’s twist on “hat hair” and get a glimpse of her tips in action:



Style Tip: “Beanies are a classic—always on trend, perfect for girls with a laid back sense of style. It’s perfect with…uhh, everything!.”

Hair Tip: “I’m a big fan of big curls coming out from under beanies. I love wide hair and big texture with a smaller hat for high impact.”



Style Tip: “A short-rimmed cloche is the most appropriate at work—inside or outside your cubicle.”

Hair Tip: “I love loose braids or a fishtail under a cloche. They’re great for softening out the structure of the hat.”



Style Tip: “In a sometimes drab season like winter, a bright beanie and a bold lip are the perfect opportunities to add a pop of color to your look. But remember, when you’re in a more formal setting, avoid fur pom poms like this one—they can be distracting!”

Hair Tip: “Wear your beanie farther back on your head, right over the crown, with your part showing in the front. It can show off your hairstyle without completely flattening, and if it feels too loose, use bobby pins and hairspray to secure.”



Style Tip: “There’s a 70s retro movement happening in fashion right now and a floppy hat is super on trend.”

Hair Tip: “For this style, I think it’s best when your hair it isn’t too dramatic. Sleek or straight hair is perfect for a floppy hat—you won’t look too done up.”

“The good news is, pulling off a hat isn’t all that difficult,” says Zanna. “Hats can hide your bad hair days, but they can show off your good days too. With a few key tips, it’s easy to know which hat to throw on as you run out the door in order to get instant style!”

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