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New Treatster Tool Maps Out Your Best Trick-or-Treating Route Ever

Every trick-or-treater knows the house: The awesome one with the over-the-top spooky décor—and the king-sized candy bars. As we geared up for Halloween this year (and we got really into it), we wondered: What if you could map out all the must-visit trick-or-treating houses in your neighborhood?

Welcome to the future of trick-or-treating: Treatster is the world’s first social network designed exclusively for parents to help take their kids on an exceptional candy quest. The mobile site collects user-generated input from people who up-vote the best haunts (think misty cemetery on the front lawn) by marking them on the map with a pumpkin “treat” pin. The more up-votes the house gets from trick-or-treaters, the larger the pumpkin appears (users can vote one time for a house).

Ready to plan out the most epic night of trick-or-treating ever? Here are some tricks to help you plot the route to the best treats!

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