Charlie Brown, Snoopy and…Bullseye? You Have to See This Peanuts x Target Commercial

October 19, 2015 - Article reads in
Bullseye auditions for the role of Snoopy
We’ve been counting down the days until the highly anticipated Nov. 6 release of the new Peanuts movie. First we released a whole line of Peanuts merchandise, then we got the whole Peanuts gang together to shoot a hilarious Target commercial—good grief that was fun! In it, Snoopy and pals hold an audition to discover the “real life” versions of their cartoon selves. If you ask us, Bullseye makes a pretty convincing Snoopy. Check it out:
The best part about the spot? Those Peanuts-themed products you saw—like the adorable dancing Snoopy—are available at Target!
So…are you ready to don head to toe Peanuts gear and catch the midnight showing? We are too. See you there!
Shop the Peanuts collection at Target or on, with prices starting as low as $1, available now.


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