Check Out What’s Testing at the Minnetonka SuperTarget

October 5, 2015 - Article reads in
guest experience
A Target endcap filled with better-for-you with snacks

You may have heard that Target is cooking up new ideas to evolve our shopping experience in nearly every department, including grocery. We’ll be taking a close look at how our guests respond to the new offerings and updates so we can fine tune things as we move forward.

This year, our Minnetonka, Minn., SuperTarget was due for a full remodel, so we saw it as a great opportunity to put some food tests in motion. We focused the updates on evolving our product selection and testing new displays, layouts and signage. For example, we’ve added more local and better-for-you products, such as fresh produce in an “open market” format with signs that point out organics and locally grown foods. There’s an expanded selection of things like granola, yogurt and better-for-you snacks. A do-it-yourself grain bar with nutrition information front-and-center. Baked-fresh-daily artisan breads. And grass-fed meat options—something many guests asked for.

Guests shopping the Minnetonka SuperTarget also notice the bolder, more playful signs and displays we’re testing throughout the store to help them discover more of what they’re looking for and understand all the options. Our popular Made to Matter—Handpicked by Target collection of better-for-you brands is easier to find thanks to new, more prominent signs on the ends of aisles. And visuals above the produce displays illustrate the differences between types of fruits and veggies, plus tips for how best to use them.

We’re cross-merchandising and displaying products in more intuitive ways, too. For example, we added a special display of coffee makers right in the coffee aisle. Granola is displayed next to the yogurt cooler for easy mixing and matching. Organic salads are together in one place, while organic juices are featured on front endcaps for easier access. We feature local favorites, like born-in-Minnesota brand Caribou Coffee, on endcaps and in vignettes along the aisles. And Minnetonka is our first store to test a display of nutrition bars located in the grocery lunchbox aisle—they’re normally found near the pharmacy.

So what does our Minnetonka test store mean for the bigger picture of Target’s grocery reinvention? We believe it’s a step in the right direction, and puts Target on more competitive footing, especially when it comes to offering new and exclusive products we know our guests want. We’ll keep testing more new ideas and innovations in many of our stores throughout this year and next—with bigger changes likely to come in 2017 and beyond—always listening and learning from what our guests tell us.

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