Muahaha! Target Unveils a First-of-its-Kind Halloween Social Media Campaign

October 19, 2015 - Article reads in
Candy in a Halloween Pumpkin Bucket and iPhone showing Target app

Feel the hairs on the back of your neck standing up? That’s your sixth sense telling you that Target launched its Halloween social media campaign today! For the second Halloween in a row, Target is getting seriously creative online to help guests celebrate October’s end.

For starters, Target is inviting revelers to enter the “The House on Hallow Hill,” a fun and spooky experience on YouTube (if they dare!)—and use their smartphones to explore its many cobwebbed rooms with 360 degrees of action made visible by tilting and angling the phone’s screen like a lens.

Shot at a mansion in St. Paul, Minn., using cutting-edge 360-degree technology, the video series is the first-ever “choose-your-own-adventure” 360 experience on YouTube, and encourages viewers to visit rooms of the house to discover ghoulish vignettes such as zombie dinner parties, a frightful carnival…and much more. And if you see something you like—Decorative pumpkins? Cute costume? Skull buckets?—the entire collection of items featured in each video is shoppable via Just click the links featured in the YouTube cards on the video to go to curated pages and shop with ease. 

Check out some behind-the-scenes pics from the shoot:

But that’s just the beginning. Get ready to pound the pavement with the best. tool. ever. for mapping out a special night of trick-or-treating. On October 26, Target will debut Treatster, the first social network designed exclusively to help parents map out the “must-visit” houses on each block for their trick-or-treaters. As in, the ones with the spookiest decorations, funkiest costumes and, of course, best candy!

The mobile website will crowdsource information from parents, who can use it to up-vote the best areas by tagging their locations as a “Treat” on their map. The more “Treats” a location has, the larger its pumpkin will appear, helping trick-or-treaters get the absolute most out of the big night.

Freaking out yet? Good!

To visit Target’s “The House on Hallow Hill” on YouTube, click here. YouTube 360 videos work best in the YouTube app on your phone, or Chrome or Firefox on your desktop. Stay tuned for the launch of Treatster, coming October 26! 

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