iPhone 6S at Target

An Easy Cell: Get The New iPhone 6s at Target!

Apple’s iPhone 6s is coming soon to Target, giving you one more reason to grab a pumpkin spice latte and take your red cart for a spin around the store. Not only can you pre-order the phone on Target.com or pick it up at your local Target store, but you can manage your contract and service plan at Tar-zhay as well! 

And REDcard guests, we’ve got something extra special just for you: activate your cell phone contract with us and you’ll get 5% off your Sprint or Verizon mobile bill for the entire term plus an extra 5% off the device payment and service plan rate. How about them apples?

[Keep a hold here in case there is other news to announce]

Groceries, back-to-school gear, and a new iPhone all in one place? You know what that means: it’s time to cell-ebrate!

Ready for your upgrade? Pre-order your new Apple iPhone 6s here!

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