Back to School Flashback: Barbara Bermudo Shares Stories (and Photos!) From Her Childhood

September 8, 2015 - Article reads in
Barbara Bermudo Back To School

Target partner and host of Univision’s Primer Impacto Barbara Bermudo has two daughters heading back to school this fall—Mia Andrea, 6, and Camila Andrea, 4. As her family gears up to head back to class, Barbara took some time to reflect on her own days as a schoolgirl back in Puerto Rico. She takes us down memory lane (even pulling out the family photo albums!), opening up to us about her uniform-clad past and sharing what her family today enjoys most about the back-to-school season, below:What was back-to-school shopping like when you were little? What about now?

Both of my parents took me back-to-school shopping, and we went to several different places to find what we needed. Supplies like markers, rulers and pencils were purchased from the local pharmacy, our uniforms at the school, and shoes were from my parents’ shoe store, of course. Now with my girls, my husband Mario and I love taking them back-to-school shopping together. We make one big trip to Target to buy all the supplies and apparel we need in one place—and the prices aren’t too bad either!How would you describe your school style as a kid?

Uniforms were required at my school, and unfortunately, styling them creatively was not allowed. I made my look unique by wearing different accessories to match my uniform – my backpack and shoes had to be pink and always matched! I was known for this at school. 

What did you do to get ready for back-to-school when you were in school?

The back-to-school season brings back so many memories! In my family, this time of year was a big event where the whole family got involved and went shopping for our school supplies—we all looked forward to it. I'll always remember that my parents made getting ready to go back to school really exciting and fun.

What do you remember about the first day of school when you were a kid?

I loved my school and friends. However, I remember that it was hard for me to let go of my parents. My dad was the one who took me to school but he didn’t just drop me off; he took his time to walk me to the classroom and sometimes he sat in one of the chairs in the back for a while until I began interacting with friends and peers. It was hard for me to see him go and he knew it, but he always did his best to make me happy. I love you, Dad!!! What do your daughters like about going back to school? 

Mia and Camila love the shopping because it’s all about them. In fact, they've already started talking with Mario about getting ready. They’ll say to us, “Mami, Papi, school is starting soon, right?” We are so happy and proud of our girls. Last year, the first item they searched for was the right backpack. The Frozen theme was a big hit. They love princesses and items with a lot of color.  Our shopping carts are always full of colored pencilsnotebooks with sparkles on them, and crafty items.My girls are so excited about going back to school. We can’t wait!

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