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Go Green with New Fall Makeup Shades by W3LL PEOPLE

As the growing number of kale salads and eco-friendly gear would indicate, natural is in—including when it comes to beauty. That’s why Target is pairing up with W3LL PEOPLE to offer 78 all-natural beauty items, from lip gloss to foundation to brushes, now available on Target.com.

The Austin, Texas-based company is co-owned by three experts with an array of specialties: makeup developer Shirley Pinkson, cosmetic dermatologist Reneé Snyder M.D. and conscious commerce marketing expert James Walker.

“Our brand combines superior artistry, state-of-the-art science and social responsibility into one chic, yet conscious, package,” the W3LL PEOPLE team tells us. “W3LL PEOPLE happily takes on the challenge of proving that beauty and wellness are not mutually exclusive concepts. And as far as we’re concerned, there is no better, cooler retail partner to effectively reach women across the U.S. with our message and mission than Target.” 

We caught up with the W3LL PEOPLE founders to learn more about the award-winning brand and get some tips on must-haves for refreshing our makeup bags as the season turns.

Your brand owners are a triple threat: an M.D., makeup expert and marketing expert. How has this dynamic helped the brand?

Three brains are better than one, especially when they include extraordinary talents in artistry, technology and social responsibility. As such, the W3LL PEOPLE Beauty “Dream Team” is equipped to conceive, design and produce cosmetics like nobody else. Our multi-disciplinary, holistic approach produces unusually effective products that don’t compromise on performance or health. Truly, W3LL PEOPLE represents the future. 

Why are natural ingredients so important to your brand?

What we put on our body goes into our body. For W3LL PEOPLE the choice is clear: if ingredients represent potentially harmful side effects, we don’t use them. We develop plant-based formulas that are not only safe, but actually provide true therapeutic benefit.

Do using plant-based formulas affect quality?

Interestingly enough, we don’t use natural ingredients just because it’s the right thing to do in terms of sustainability and wellness, but because they can actually be better for beauty. One example is our choice to swap sunflower seed oil for other non-renewable products in our mascara, which nourishes lashes and the sensitive eye area. This is just one example of how the healthy ingredient swap applies again and again throughout the W3LL PEOPLE line.

How does W3LL PEOPLE reflect your roots in Austin, Texas?

Our brand exhibits many of the qualities associated with our beloved hometown: technical innovation, entrepreneurial spirit, environmental respect, discerning taste and a love of life. We represent the new creative class who demands authenticity, responsible innovation and is unwilling to compromise on performance. These type of people are flocking to Austin, and we love it.

Check out some W3LL PEOPLE essentials for fall, available at Target:

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