Diaper Talk: A Q&A With The Honest Company’s Jessica Alba and Christopher Gavigan

August 25, 2015 - Article reads in
Jessica Alba of The Honest Company

What’s going to be the “next big thing” in diaper fashion for spring? 

You tell us! 

Starting today, you get to cast your vote to tell Target and The Honest Company which of the six designs you want to see on our shelves, come April 2016. Check ‘em out: We’ve got everything from feather prints to florals to space designs to cityscapes!

Vote until August 30, when we’ll then tally up the counts to determine which were the top designs. The results will be announced here!

In anticipation of the contest, we caught up with The Honest Company co-founders Jessica Alba and Christopher Gavigan to get the inside scoop on all things diapers, from the design inspiration to the first time they ever changed one! Check out what they had to say:

Where do you seek out your diaper design inspiration?

CG: I seek inspiration from our family travels and adventures—especially when I witness my children experiencing the world anew.  Those small, magical moments of ‘the first time’ really help refine what I’m going to bring to these design conversations.

JA: We look everywhere—as long as it’s relevant, it’s inspiration. We embrace everything from pop culture to fashion trends, contemporary graphic design and vintage references. Parents love to see how our designs fit their style and reflect their passions. I’m always looking; the design team is used to receiving links or pages torn out of a magazine on their desks.

What role did each of you play in the design process?

CG: I’m going to be honest here: I’m partially color-blind. (Note: This is the first time I’m admitting this publicly!) I know when I can voice my thoughts on the tones and saturations of items—albeit very softly. I try to drive on the essences of classic, modern, fresh, fun and, of course, beautiful design. I imagine if I’d like this same design 25 years in the future!

JA: I’m passionate about the whole process: concept, treatments, scale, everything. I’ll also look at the big picture because I’m always thinking about how cohesive the storytelling and design is.

Do you have a favorite recent mommy or daddy moment?

CG: I spent a glorious 10 days on the East Coast with my kids and family: beach, rolling green lawns and enjoying all those small moments in between. We went for a fishing adventure off the coast—it was such a super way to push our comfort zones and see the kids light up when a new fish arrived on board. (Of course, all fish were returned to their ocean home!)

JA: My daughter, Honor, was at a group birthday party. With everything that was going on, she made a point of taking care of the youngest girl at the party, holding her hand and making her feel included. The mom sent me a note to tell me she saw what Honor did and how great her manners are. I was so proud!

How did you first learn how to change a diaper?

CG: I grew up with over 25 cousins, so I learned a long time ago! It was like riding a bike, with the help of many, many wipes! I changed the first diaper for my three kids. But, there is no doubt it’s gripping no matter how much experience you have because a newborn is so small and seemingly fragile.

JA: I learned on my cousins, too. And I also had a lot of them. I was six or seven years old when I changed my first diaper. I wanted the responsibility, but my aunties made me earn it. I actually had to practice on my Cabbage Patch dolls and prove that I could do it before putting a diaper on my cousins!

Cast your vote here and check back to find out which diaper prints are the winners!


UPDATE: The space ships have won! Find the out-of-this-world print exclusively at Target and on Target.com this spring!

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