Target Brings the Made for U Dorm Room Styler to Life at The Fashion Institute of Technology

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Made For U Dorm Room Makeover

Picture it: linoleum floors, florescent lights, generic wood drawers, stackable twin beds. The quintessential college dorm room. But before you get too bummed, know that this year, Target’s ready to help you turn your dorm room into the most epic small space sanctuary you’ve ever seen. It all happens with a little (or a lot of) help from the Made For U College Styler—an interactive tool that creates a personalized room design you can immediately shop and customize. We know, we know. You. Can’t. Even.

Recently, we put our shiny, new Made For U College Styler to the test when we asked Fashion Institute of Technology students and roommates, Kristina and Hannah  to give the College Styler for a whirl. After answering a few questions and connecting their Facebook and Instagram accounts, each had their own personalized results: Kristina with a metallic color scheme that suggested the tool's “Upstarter”-themed items, like the Room Essentials cityscape comforter and Room Essentials articulated task lamp. Hannah’s results filtered in bright colors and items that fall under the tool's “Hipsta” theme, including a patterned comforter and vibrant pillows

Kristina and Hannah’s Made For U results came to life when a team of Target designers arrived on the FIT campus equipped with Washi tapeCommand strips, a flair for the inventive and a whole lot of Target swag. The designers got to work, inspired by the students’ Styler results, to show how—with a few impermanent hacks and Target’s latest back-to-college small-space solutions and customizable, colorful items—you can turn your own dorm room from “oh no” to “on fleek.”

“We used Room Essentials to make the room more sophisticated. We wanted to add pizzaz,” the design team noted, stacking customizable marquee lightslayering rugs, and framing fun craft paper and greeting cards to offer eye-catching detail. In true Target fashion, the team also flexed their design muscles by improvising, adding DIY details that—take note!—you can totally achieve in your own space as well. 

Upon entering the room, the roommates had to pause to take it all in. Different details stood out to them. "I really love the bicycle decal above the bed,” Hannah commented. "It’s so fun and truly identifies with my personality.” For Kristina, it was the Threshold wooden vases in her windowsill: "I love the wood—it’s not an organic shape which I appreciate."

“I love how the table next to the front door is creating a foyer,” Hannah also noted. “It's not something you would normally think to do in a dorm room!” The unique touches, they both agreed, make for a room that’s "so exciting.”

The design team’s crafty touches were also appreciated. “I would not think to use a wall vinyl or tape on a plain, boring armoire!” remarked Kristina.

As for the College Styler tool: “It's perfect for students who need décor inspiration that reflects their personality,” the roommates said. Plus, the duo noted, “Who doesn’t love a design quiz?”

Check out the amazing before and after shots and learn all about the design team’s innovations below.

Create your own shoppable dorm room design and learn more about the Made For U College Styler!

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