[Exclusive] Hey DIYers: Download Target’s Original Prints and Patterns, Here!

August 10, 2015 - Article reads in
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Ever seen a print on a bedspread, tote or throw at Target and thought: “Why can’t I have that on everything?!” Well, now you can. The creative minds behind these patterns—Target’s Product Design and Development team (PD&D)—are sharing their art for you to print and play with as you please on 8.5” x 11” paper.

The latest swag is layered with chevron stripes, painted florals and textured prints inspired by things like Senior Designer Kara Kopp’s vintage t-shirt find in Chicago (see: these pillow shams). With the patterns now in printable form (download below!), craft time can begin. You might create garlands, banners—even photo booth backgrounds. Or take your next presentation up a notch by using these as corkboard borders. Parents, cover your kids’ notebooks to personalize the school items. “Print and frame these,” Kara suggests. “It can pull the whole look of a room together without being too matchy-matchy.”If that framed print looks like fine art, it’s because these patterns all started out as sketches on paper, rather than digital graphics. To come up with its original prints, the PD&D team travels the world (learn more about their recent trip to South America!), seeking inspiration for the designs that make their way onto Target shelves. This year, that legwork resulted in a number of handmade artworks, including the gorgeous brushstroke floral prints you’ll see on these organization bins.

As if taking home these original patterns on your beddingbookcase or shower curtain wasn’t enough, we have all the exclusive designs right here for you to download.

So go ahead, bring the original artwork of Target’s makers into your home, and use these printables to make the art all your own.  

Download all sixteen prints, here!

Check out the latest designs at Target.com!

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