From One Mom to Another: Keeping Things in Perspective from Camila Alves

August 25, 2015 - Article reads in
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Heading back to school is an emotional and exciting time for families. First, there’s the excitement of getting everything the kids need on their lists. Then it’s actually getting ready for the first day and all of the emotion that brings. Parents want to help their kids have the best first day possible. No pressure, right? Target partner, pal and super-busy mom of three, Camila Alves has already shared great tips for starting the year out right. In the letter below, she gives moms (and dads!) a hall pass to have fun and a reminder to not sweat the small stuff.

Hello moms! 

As my kids’ summer vacation comes to end, like you, I’m getting everything together for the beginning of the school year. Last week, I went down memory lane thinking back to when my oldest son started kindergarten and his first day at a new school.

It doesn’t matter what grade your child is going into. It’s all new, right? A new school, new forms, new tests, new rules, new schedules, new carpools and always new teachers – the list goes on and on!

I must admit, the new school year can be a little overwhelming for me. And since we move so much, I’ve gone through starting new schools a couple of times in one school year!

So my son was starting at the big-kid school. That day, we got up early, packed his lunch and had a great morning at our house. His uniform was pristine, his backpack was on and his lunchbox was in hand. We took photos outside to send to the grandparents and everyone was smiling ear to ear! We hit the road with plenty of time and caught green lights all the way. I was thinking to myself, I am on it.

We pulled up to school only to find out that it was Dress-Up Shirt Day. I don’t know where in the middle of so many e-mails I missed that one, but I did. 

I took a quick look at the clock and with my focus to have everything perfect, I decided to turn around and get that dress shirt.

We rushed back home, didn’t catch any green lights and ended up arriving back at school late. I had to walk him into the chapel in the middle of the service. If you have chapel service at your school, you know that while the chapel is quiet, the door hinges are not.

This is just one example of things not going as planned.  Yes, we will most likely be late again, and I will most likely miss the Dress-Down Day e-mail and Crazy Hair Day memo. As much as we try to make everything perfect, sometimes these things happen. It’s okay. We’re human and we moms (and dads) are trying to do our best every day.

I decided to laugh at myself and admit that, sure I may have messed up, but maybe I shouldn’t put so much pressure on myself to get everything perfect. I’ll try my best, but if I’m stressing out, my kids will feel it and they won’t be having fun either.

Back-to-school is an exciting time that can be a little overwhelming for parents and kids, but overall it’s a joyful experience. Make the most of it and try to have fun!


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