Target and Designer Todd Snyder Celebrate Local Pride With a Series of Exclusive Collections

July 15, 2015 - Article reads in
Local Pride by Todd Snyder logo

Hometown pride is the heart and soul of American cities. Our local ball teams, signature must-eats, even our accents can make each of us beam with pride over the place we call home. Now, Target wants to help you celebrate your roots with Local Pride by Todd Snyder, an exciting new collaboration featuring city-specific merch designed to celebrate hometown pride. 

An award-winning American menswear designer in New York City and Iowa native, Todd Snyder has experienced both small-town life and big-city living. And if there’s one thing Todd has learned, it’s that each place has its own story to tell. 

His collections for Target capture those stories through the lens of design and curation—something Todd’s known for. Earlier in his career, Todd earned his stripes working for Polo Ralph Lauren and J.Crew. And just yesterday, Todd debuted the Spring 2016 collection at men’s fashion week for his eponymous label—a sophisticated collection that captures the tenor of the island of Capri. For his Target line, Todd highlights locally-relevant products in major cities throughout the U.S. that allow guests to walk into their hometown Target and experience the flavor of their local community.

"This collection is about the sense of discovery," says Todd.  "We want to be your tour guide, showcasing the unique aspects of the local cities.  I have visited some of the coolest spots and spoken to a lot of locals in each city that helped me design original, exclusive and fun designs."

Local Pride by Todd Snyder will feature everything from t-shirts and baseball caps to pint glasses and phone cases to locally-relevant products. The collection's first stop? Boston! Where the guests are "Wicked smaht" according to Todd's t-shirts. Other curated items include Cape Cod potato chips, Beantown favorite Marshmallow Fluff (both products were born just outside of Boston), and t-shirts featuring local baseball legend Carl ‘Yaz’ Yastrzemski or asking the classic "How Bout Them Apples” – just to name a few.

We’ll celebrate the Boston kickoff at the Fenway CityTarget – our 9th CityTarget to date (but first on the East Coast!) — and take a tour of the Bean with Todd and Kristen Uekermann of The Boston Fashionista. Stay tuned for Local Pride by Todd Snyder arriving in San Francisco and Chicago at the end of 2015 and even more, come 2016.

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