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Baby on Board! Barbara Bermudo Shares Third Trimester Tips

By the third trimester of pregnancy number three, you're pretty much an expert on all things expecting (and deserve some sort of medal, too!). That's why, in our quest for a few home-stretch pregnancy pointers, we caught up with Barbara Bermudo, Target partner and host of Univision’s evening news show, Primer Impacto, at her recent "baby sprinkle" (a mini-shower). While we were there, Barbara shared a few tips for handling everything from stretch marks to "go bags": 

Give yourself a belly rub:
The third trimester is physically challenging as the baby's size and position make it difficult to get comfortable. My baby moves quite a bit, so to calm and soothe her, I rub my belly. And for stretch marks, I recommend 100% real cocoa butter. I’ve had excellent results with my previous pregnancies.

Use pillows for support:
Sometimes I have difficulty falling asleep, but I’ve learned to use pillows to best position my body. I use quite a few pillows—between my legs, behind my back and anywhere else that might need a little bit of extra support.  The most important thing is to try to position yourself on the left side of your body to allow the passage of blood and nutrients to your baby.

Wear comfortable shoes:
I don’t recommended wearing high heels during pregnancy as your primary footwear. If you do decide to wear heels, consider wearing lower ones as your pregnancy progresses.

Splurge on a prenatal massage:
I would recommend a prenatal massage during all stages of pregnancy. I have been doing this since my first pregnancy and it does wonders for my mind and body! 

Celebrate with family and friends!:
As a Latin family, we take every opportunity to celebrate with family. So even though this is the third child, we will celebrate the same way we did for the first two. For this pregnancy, my family and friends have “sprinkled” me with necessities like diaperswipesbath supplies, etc. Since we already have a lot of baby gear, the best gifts are those that are personalized.   

Decorate with something old and new:
Both of my daughters are very excited for the new baby, so we have been making arrangements since very early on. I put together the baby’s bassinet right after I found out I was pregnant and then started organizing the room with items I already had from my other pregnancies. For new items, I enjoy shopping at Target and I browse randomly on Pinterest for new decór ideas.

Pack a “go bag”:
A “go bag” is the bag you prepare for the hospital with important personal items. For my “go bag”, I have comfortable pajamas and socks, undergarments, maxi padsa nursing brasoft blankets and pillows, my favorite toiletries, clothes for the baby during our stay and “going home” outfits for both of us. I’ll also take a phone charger, my camera and my makeup bag with me.

Overall, I’ve learned from my other pregnancies that even when you start planning early, you still might forget a few things, but that’s okay — you pick up new tricks as you go.

Buena suerte,


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